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    Nascar fans life style changes

    Ahhh.....Hatteras, my old surfing, stomping ground been over 25 years since I've been on those beaches
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    NASCAR and the Coronavirus

    I work for GE Healthcare as a Biomed in a hospital, fix medical equipment
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    Cali Bonehead

    went to Wilksboro long long time ago Was walking away from track along the road where infield was letting out Along comes a mini van, the driver had window down reaching out every time traffic stopped to sign autographs None other than Richard Petty Just ran the race 400 laps and was driving home
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    Cali Bonehead

    I was waiting on Larson to turn left and take out Hamlin
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    Martin Truex Jr fans, whas is it about him that you like?

    Went to Kentucky last year with a friend who is a Truex fan We went to a scheduled interview with Truex Truex showed up about 10 minutes early and interviewer was 5 minutes late So for 15 minutes Truex sat in his golf cart facing away from his fans talking to his handler The microphone and amp...
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    Who will drive the #6?

    Just guessing Ross may be in one race, maybe two remember Davey after the Pocono crash Ran the next week with bloodshot eyes and Velcro on his glove so he could shift
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    NASCAR safety

    If you think about it, thru the years we’ve (at least me) always worried that driver’s door side crashes would have the most negative outcome. Monday we had that happen in the worst kinda of way. 2 days later Ryan walks out of hospital! kudos to the NASCAR safety designs, keep them coming!!!
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    Johali's Rate the Race --- Busch Clash

    10, when you have disposable cars Wreck'm all
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    NASCAR 2020 - Bold Prediction Thread

    Erik Jones will make the final 4
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    Pick 3 drivers now or past. Whats their Christmas gift?

    Carl Edwards- one more car passed
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    Pick 3 drivers now or past. Whats their Christmas gift?

    Davey—a helmet to wear in a helicopter
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    Favorite Cup paint scheme(s) 2019

    Nothing like having the Havoline Ford back on the track
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    Favorite Cup paint scheme(s) 2019

    my favorite https://images.app.goo.gl/hSYYU6dZmz7qYCMu7
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    Cole Pearn stepping away from NASCAR

    maybe Cole had a $ number to have in his bank account, then he would hang it up his year end bonus put him over that number time to hang out with the kids end of story
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    When the toy is no longer shiny

    Or Kyle bush to win 6 in a row......becomes “8 time”
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