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    iRacing Talladega pre race thread

    MTJ isn't racing because of his wife, he was good in NR2003 and would be decent in iRacing.
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    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    The Duels aren't really a practice session though, points are awarded
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    Bounty on Kyle Busch

    Erik Jones will be in a truck at Homestead funded by Billy Balew (sp) and James Finch, probably a Richie Wauters truck.
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    Johali's Rate the Cup Race --- Fontana

    7.5 just needed more yellows
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    The Attendance Thread

    Yeah doesn't look much different than 2019.
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    2020 Auto Club 400 - Pre-Race Thread

    The 96 got outran by the 52 Yeley/Ware car, lol.
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    Who will drive the #6?

    Eh. I think the 6 with Scott Graves is better than the R&D Ganassi car.
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    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    I like the idea but I dont want to see 25 car fields myself.
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    Who will drive the #6?

    Ross will be in the 6 at Las Vegas.
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    Who will drive the #6?

    If there's no concussion or precautions then he should get back in this weekend. Waiting and losing points just puts him in the same riskier predicament at Talladega or Daytona again before the playoffs.
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    Who will drive the #6?

    I recall Austin Dillon driving an SHR car before he went full time so papaw can make things happen if Cindric and Roush is a good stop gap fit
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    2020 Pennzoil 400 - Pre-Race Thread

    Pretty surprised Premium isn't fielding the 27 for Ross since Jay likes him in the seat Also wonder how much of a discount Toyota Certified Vehicles is getting on the 96
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    Who will drive the #6?

    Can someone tell Bob that unless the 6 team decides to randomly shut down and sell their charter, why would he only "expect" them to show up.
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