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    Hey Clutch

    Its right by me. Pretty amazing stuff.
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    Chili Bowl 2021

    That's American Magic.
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    Chili Bowl 2021

    Meanwhile, while racing was going on at the Chili bowl
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    Chili Bowl 2021

    Sammy has a bit of a belly now,
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    Chili Bowl 2021

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Daytona 500 countdown

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    Chili Bowl 2021

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    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

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    Edwards on his retirement

    I saw the same with Robby Gordon.
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    Take a picture of your current view

    In my yard. My Frangipani /Plumeria are in bloom but aren't opening as expected this year. I have more coming so that might change but the scent of these blooms is divine.
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    That's why I said it. ;)
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    Chili Bowl 2021 For those who do not have access to MAVTV, the final three mains will also be broadcast live online at and its associated mobile app. The site is behind a...
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    Chili Bowl 2021

    Hmm....I was thinking of signing up with Flo to after your post. Not sure now. I had problems streaming Lucas Racing TV last year.
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    Misc. Sprint/Midget Racing

    Yes, Hayden Williams came second in the 50 Lapper. 🤣
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