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    Who Doesnt Advance , Round of 12

    Suarez briscoe bell bowman
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    Early Final 4 Predictions

    Chastain Blaney Larson Elliott in no particular order elliott has a decent point lead and is good everywhere chastain I think his biggest problem will be hamlin Larson hope he can make it past the round of 12 (not his best tracks) Blaney been consistent and deserves to be there should be a...
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    Who Doesnt Advance , Round Of 16

    Dillon Briscoe Cindric Suarez
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    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- COTA

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    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2022 - Circuit of the Americas

    For crying out loud, at least I don’t have far to fall
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    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2021 - Phoenix #2

    Congrats Snappy D Thanks again pjmolo for putting on this game
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    NASCAR Pick 'Em - 2021 Playoffs

    Congratulations Reb thanks pjmolo for all your work
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    Johali's Rate the Cup Championship race

    9 That was a roller coaster ride, congratulations to Larson and the 5 team
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