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    Cup RACE thread --- Kentucky

    Jack is notoriously cheap - I'd guess that has as much to do with their decline as anything
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    Kenseth in the 42 was a mistake

    It looks like the old washed up has-been/never was big bully had a pretty good weekend
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Pocono

    Pocono already bores me to tears. Watching the cars circle the track under caution all morning/afternoon is just too much to ask for from this fan - I'm off to mow the yard
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    Cup RACE thread --- Pocono, Rd. 1

    Wasn't the Brickyard run on Saturdays the first few years, or am I imagining that?
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    Kenseth in the 42 was a mistake

    Seems like Matt has had more than his fair share of flat tires (and equipment failures) so far. Hard to dig out of that hole sometimes. Still, he's not destroying race cars, so that has to make Chip happy.
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    2020 GEICO 500 Pre-Race Thread

    Doubtful - not with a double header at Pocono next weekend
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    Cup RACE thread --- Homestead

    I went with Modelo today - threw some salmon, trout, and pork tenderloin (one child wont touch seafood) on the smoker to go with it. Cheers!
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    Bristol RACE thread

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    Cup RACE thread --- Darlington, Rd. 2 *fingers crossed*

    Lucas Oil late models will be racing from Golden Isles Speedway at 7:30 Eastern. I believe it will be shown for free on the Lucas Oil late model series page, and of course on Lucas Oil Racing TV, for anyone that's interested
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    Kenseth's take on Darlington return

    Oh I agree, just making more of a statement about the last guy to drive that car, who seemed to struggle with bringing the car home in one piece.
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    Kenseth's take on Darlington return

    Regardless of where he finished, I'm sure the body guys on the 42 are just happy that they're not having to hang a new body after the race
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    What's your unpopular NASCAR opinion?

    I would be completely fine with running Iraces instead of the real thing during those dates
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    2021 Silly Season

    Why so angry? Seems.... random.
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    2021 Hall of Fame Nominees

    Great read on Larry Phillips
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    Throwback Thursday

    Taken right down the road at the I-44 Speedway in Lebanon, MO I believe.
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