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    Bonehead of the week: Road America

    Honorable mention goes to Joey Hand for points racing at the end of the second stage
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    NASCAR working on Dale Earnhardt Sr. merchandise line

    I say this with as much respect as I can muster - I swear. But when does it end? It's been a long time already. But I guess there is still money to be made somewhere...
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    Dirt Late Models 2022

    Dillner is fine, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if he dropped the "Dixie Chopper FEEL THE THUNDER!!!" scream he does at the drop of the green. Of course, I've always thought catchphrases were kinda corny anyway (looking at you, DW.... )
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    Cup RACE thread --- Sonoma

    Stewart knocking anyone for driving like an idiot gives me legit belly laughs.
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    'Enjoy Illinois 350' Pre-race Thread

    I'd rather not...
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    Dirt Late Models 2022

    Wow, did the water truck break down?
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    Dirt Late Models 2022

    I blame Forrest Lucas and his patented "drag out the show to sell more food/beer" plan for my massive hangover today...
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    2022 GMR Grand Prix

    Every time I see him do something incredible, I always have to wonder - do you think that Herta pays someone to carry around his huge nutsack away from the track, or does he just do it himself?
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    Dirt Late Models 2022

    If I remember right, that was the last race they ran at the Fairgrounds. They brought in a bunch of dirt late models and ran them on the asphalt. I have a ton of pics from that race somewhere
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    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Talladega

    I'm only familiar with him as an "entertainer".
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    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Talladega

    Gotta admit, I never EVER thought that I would see these words uttered anywhere
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    Dirt Late Models 2022

    Lucas Oil MLRA from Wheatland is on if you have MavTv+. 2 day show, will likely head over tomorrow for night 2 if the weather cooperates
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    2022 Nascar Hall of Fame

    And don't forget Mark Martin
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    2022 Nascar Hall of Fame

    I refuse to take the HoF seriously until Larry by-god Phillips is voted in...
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    March Madness

    Just got home a few hours ago. What a HELL of a weekend! Congrats to coach Davis and UNC as well, they definitely had me puckering up a few times Monday night. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK.
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