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    Cup RACE thread --- Talladega

    One of the few races I tune in for these days. Side note..... Anyone else as disappointed as I am with the looks of that E Ford Mustang that will be pacing the field? That thing looks like half the cars on the road these days. Man, I miss originality.
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    Notre Dame bound....

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    Notre Dame bound....

    Thought I'd share a quick update. There's a new all-time discus record holder at Notre Dame in women's discus. Three meets for the Irish, three wins in the books. Just shy of the Olympic Trials mark.
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    MLB 2021

    The lack of a thread on opening day speaks volumes about this sport these days. Anyhow..... Here's to yet another losing season in Pittsburgh.
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    Netflix's The Crew

    Finished the first season this morning. I guess I'm easily entertained. I'll be watching a 2nd season should it get renewed.
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    Does anyone besides me....

    Just trying to get on the same page..... Are we saying that the description, The Checkered Flag, is offensive or was something else posted that had since been removed? Color me confused.
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    Netflix's The Crew

    Watched the first episode. It met my expectations as a Kevin James show goes. Laughed at some things and not at others. Pretty much the same as most other comedies out there. It's a sitcom centered around a fictitious nascar world. I think it's great that someone felt nascar was relevant...
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    Daytona: wrecking isn't racing

    Daytonadega, my favorite race four times each season. Y'all keep on fixing them. In the meantime we'll keep on watching them.
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    Netflix's The Crew

    It's a Kevin James sitcom. I wouldn't expect anything other than the stereotypical Kevin James role. Not Masterpiece Theater. I'll probably watch it for the the occasional laugh and simply because it's nascar related.
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Daytona

    Doing well. Just a quick drive-by. Had a chance to catch the race today. I'll be listening tomorrow. Not sure what the general consensus is on the booth crew but I'm liking the trio. Great to hear Tony. Fits in well. Very informative.
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Daytona

    Crank It Up segments rock! Great perspective.
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    Super Bowl LV

    Awesome to see Brady get yet another ring and MVP honors but man, that defense sealed the deal last night. They shut KC down. Gotta give credit where credits due.
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    See any good movies lately?

    Just watched this through the Cinema apk last night. Yes, my wife and I thought it was excellent as well.
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    Dumb Cell Phone Twestion

    I'm on Verizon with an Android phone as well. Twitter, Facebook & your web browser on your phone would all default to your WiFi signal when at home when WiFi is turned on. Cell towers when away. It's possible to have an established WiFi connection yet the router does not have internet access...
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