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    What are you missing most about the 2020 NASCAR season as it’s on hiatus?

    having something to watch on Sunday afternoons while relaxing and doing some homework
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    NASCAR and the Coronavirus

    I hope that they are open to cancelling races. Perhaps shortening them if double headers are implemented.
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    NASCAR and the Coronavirus

    NBA and NHL will probably finish this season later then start the 2020-21 season later as well
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    Utter poked the bear and messed up

    I believe that the group who'd give NASCAR a chance would be those who like the Barstool brand. They may be based out of the Northeast but I believe their fanbase is predominantly young men in middle Ameica. I'm not sure the (mostly ?) coastal people who view them as harmful would ever consider...
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    Utter poked the bear and messed up

    Also this feud has been kinda fascinating to me. Utter and Portnoy live in completely different worlds and fill opposite roles in media. I'd be lying if I said I didn't find it funny seeing both of their radically different uses of social media collide
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    Utter poked the bear and messed up

    I know this was posted a while back but the partnership makes sense for both sides culturally. In their video recaps of their weekends at tracks many young fans (mostly the party in infield types) recognize and get pictures with Dave as he strolls by. Sure NASCAR may be paying Barstool crew...
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    Utter poked the bear and messed up

    I like the podcast he has with Bowyer and a lot of Barstool's individual content creators are very entertaining to me. They got a guy who's their "foreign correspondent" who does international travel videos, and a duo that makes satirical documentaries and films absurd stuff from celebrations...
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    Who will drive the #6?

    Unbelievable how quickly we've gone fearing the worst to "I hope he's not seriously hurt" to "I hope he someday races again" to "I hope he gets another win". What a badass.
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    Praying Newman Is Okay

    I was so worried. I hope something changes w these plate tracks I'm honestly tired of racing where any bit of racing moves results in dangerous multicar pileups.
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    How many of you were offended that Kyle Larson said Chili Bowl win bigger than Daytona 500?

    NASCAR media is very out of touch on this. One of their premier drivers just won a huge event in another discipline and they're taking offense at something he said? If anything they should hype it up because it's really cool and should impress fans etc. The NASCAR twitter account should be RTing...
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    Cole Pearn stepping away from NASCAR

    he'll be fine. "nascar cup champion crew chief" is a pretty rare piece to a resume
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    Jimmie Johnson to Retire after 2020

    Crazy how I've been cheering for him my entire life. One of my earliest memories was watching him win the 2006 Daytona 500 and many others centered around watching him win races and championships. I was born in 2001 and my parents were fans of his so I followed suit and really grew up rooting...
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    When the toy is no longer shiny

    90s and 2000s had enormous personalities. I don't know why it just happened then or if it was coincidence, butI think companies wanting to get in the sport rather than vice versa helped this due to more security gave drivers more freedom to be larger than life.
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    Who Gets the 48?

    I just want it to become the #5 or the #25. I'd prefer if Hendrick never ran a #48 after him.
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    ISC buyout complete

    Is this good
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