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    Silly Season 2023

    4 WINNING cars.
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    2022 Xfinity Series News

    One number. Guess he will have to wait.
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    2022 Xfinity Series News

    If I win that billion tonight I am sponsoring Brandon Brown for the rest of the year. (Sorry, Brandon. Not a chance in hell I win)
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    2022 Camping World Truck Series

    I remember IRP as being a one lane track.
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    Hamlin and Busch Diqualified?

    Being DQ'd cost the JGR between 300,000- 500,000. Thats a pretty stiff penalty.
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Loudon

    And once again two things annoy the %$#k out of me. Jeff Burton and the driver scroll. I miss when the driver scroll was across the top.
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    All Race Names and Sponsors

    Is this your theme song?
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    Bonehead of the week: Road America

    Until Jeff Burton is gone from the booth it will ALWAYS be NBC. Saturdays race was almost unwatchable because he wouldn't shut up. yapyapyap.
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    Johali's Rate the Xfinity race --- Road America

    Race 9 Broadcast announcers -10 Jeff Burton made this race almost unwatchable. The "Mayor" of NASCAR is the dud of the broadcast booth.
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    Johali's Rate the Xfinity race --- Nashville

    My guy won. Still cant go above a 7. Leader just smoked em.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Gateway

    Thats not what I saw. And I dont like KFB. He gave a good interview.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Gateway

    Kurt needs to retire and replace Jeff Burton and Harvick needs to retire and replace(pick one)in the Fox booth.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Gateway

    This track sucks. I would rather see them at Chicagoland and I really dislike that track.
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    Truck RACE thread --- Gateway

    I hope Carson makes it to cup. Love his personality.
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    The NASCAR I love and miss is back.

    Its where Rev will go if Toyota ever pulls out of Nascar.
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