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    Adam Stevens vs #78 Pit Crew

    Seems Stevens has been bitter that the affiliated 78 team is having better success.
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    Penske to Expand to 3rd Team in 2018

    Exactly was actually going to look at hats when at pocono not now.
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    who is going to pocono this weekend?

    Anyone going to pocono? Be cool to meet up if anyone goes.
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    Rate The Race: The Brickyard

    9 one of best races at indy Kyle didnt win again. There was actual passing
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    #88 driver announcement - It's Bowman

    Ok now the 88 is full who to the 5?
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    Pocono President/CEO leaving for job with NASCAR

    living by pocono raceway I would see big Igdalsky often around the area and when they did the xfinity take over in philly the guy is one of the nicest out there and you can see the passion he has for the sport. Hope pocono keeps doing the things it needs to try to get more people back in the seats.
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    Is Bubba Getting the #43?

    I also agree with this statement
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    Rate The Race: Loudon 1

    over all I would give it a 5. them seats were empty no wonder it lost a date.
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    2017 NASCAR Season - Television Ratings Thread

    Do the numbers take in account of cord cutters like myself who watch on PS Vue?
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    Rate The Race: Kentucky

    3 worst race I seen all year and my driver won that says something about how awful it was
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    Sayonara Fox

    that is a good idea
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    Tony Stewart gives his take on Gibbs racing strategy

    he was going through withdraw not being able to have out burst thats all.
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    Anyone want a used Taurus?

    thats sad I use to leave near there and went a few times cool little place
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    Road-course specialist Billy Johnson to sub in No. 43 at Sonoma

    so he finshed 22nd and Pissed off Kenseth Bubba could of did that with a smile and a joke.
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    Rate The Race: Sonoma

    9 I really enjoyed it. any road course for me is going to get atleast a 7 lol
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