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    Michigan vs Phoenix

    I'd go to Phoenix but mainly because that is my favorite oval track. I really don't see how you could make a wrong choice though.
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    MRN and PRN Radio apps for your phone

    I downloaded the MRN app. Going to check it out this Sunday.
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    iRacing PC Complete

    What do you guys have your graphics settings on? When I leave my FPS uncapped, they go all the way up to around 350 fps but I heard its best to cap it at a certain number depending on the track. Anybody else heard this? I don't get any visible screen tearing but just wandering what you guys have...
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    Autodromo Nazionale Monza comes to iRacing

    I bought the B car instead of the 5 tracks I need for this truck schedule. For the races I cant race in trucks, the B class schedule has tracks for those dates I already have. Figured that would be the cheapest route. Don't really want to buy Monza right now.
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    Autodromo Nazionale Monza comes to iRacing

    Five Flags Speedway is coming soon and I bet that will be on the Modified schedules.
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    NASCAR, iRacing Announce Six Year Licensing Extension

    A bit late but this is awesome. Glad iRacing is getting more popular.
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    Autodromo Nazionale Monza comes to iRacing

    They have it on the Truck schedule. Kind of pisses me off but I plan to buy eventually anyways. The season 2 schedule changed quite a bit than I thought and now I have 3 tracks I bought last season that are no longer on the schedule. :windows:
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    I am Dale Earnhardt documentary

    I thought I was fantastic. Best one I have seen. Usually anything SPIKE TV does is trash to me. Also, we don't need a Dale Earnhardt documentary every year though. This one was great, let's stop for awhile.
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    Someone stole the 44 Teams Hauler with the car inside.

    I hate a damn thief. Had stuff stolen from me and it doesn't feel good. Jesus I'd hate to know how it feels to have a $500,000 car stolen.
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    2015 NASCAR Peak Anti-Freeze Series powered by Discussion

    Yeah I got it bookmarked now lol
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    So who benefits?

    I'll say Larson and Big Mac
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    iRacing PC Complete

    Finally she is done. Can't believe the difference it makes in iRacing. Only have $450 in it. Not only does the graphics look better but it is so much smoother and faster. iRacing just got a lot more fun. I bought a used Sapphire HD 6950 2GB and a new old stock ASUS gaming motherboard. The rest...
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