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    The future of JGR

    Try saying that again when your eighty. Age doesn't mean **** except it may take you longer at times.
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    The future of JGR

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    How far?

    26 hours straight drive.
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    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    bloody begger. :cool:
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    NASCAR 2022 - BOLD Prediction Thread - The VOTE

    Larson out of top 4?? wow
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    Silly Season 2023

    Kurt Bush will replace him. :headbang:
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    2 Time NASCAR Cup Series Champion Joey Logano!!!

    I sure was happy to see him win the championship, twice with many more to come. A lot of those people who made fun of him are pretty quiet these days. I think Joey is one of the few drivers today who has the confidence so he can concentrate on his racing and not worrying about the sponsor or...
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    Deegan update

    You think she will be a JJ after her stint in trucks?
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    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    Not really, just got fed up with all the BS from Nascar and I don't really enjoy watching the races anymore.
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    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    ^ The reason why I stopped watching Nascar
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    Kurt Busch Presser at Vegas?

    retiring may cut the alimony payments because of no income.
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    A Memo To Dale, Jr... JUMP!!!

    Junior made a fortune because of who he was, however he isn't that man anymore. No one knows this more than Junior and his sister as they have all the spread sheet to show his income sources. I think his next big announcement is they are not going cup racing as a two or more car team and to do...
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    SHR Takes A Big Hit

    If anything Tony will have received a greater compensation for his efforts today than when he started.
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    SHR Takes A Big Hit

    When the deal was announced, it was said that Tony had 50% ownership. That should be easily verified.
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    The Gen 7 Car is Garbage

    The racing sucks however it could be because they have little boys or spoiled brats doing the driving. Go back to have men behind the wheel who have to fix the car if they wreck it AND pay for the repairs.
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