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    F1 2022 News/Misc.

    Nope. I don't agree with those changes. I don't mind DRS but let the drivers try to race without it for a bit as it is now. The safety car on the track vs. VSC will just add more non-racing laps. Think NASCAR.
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    College Football 2022

    I have the Pac12 channel. Comes with my sports package and I'm not even a college football fan but I get all the other sports with that package; mainly hockey.
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    Newest member of the family

    Great story.
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    F1 2022 News/Misc.

    Sure would like to read a copy of the Monaco contract. Glad it's still on the calendar.
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    Random NHRA

    Only a 2 hour show covering the Maple Grove Raceway NHRA meet yesterday and then it suddenly cut short during the finals. Don't know what that's all about but I guess the NHRA and Camping World don't care about their sport or the fans.
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    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Bristol

    9. Happy for the winner and was entertained by all the crazy happenings.
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    2023 IndyCar News / Misc.

    I like these drivers speaking their mind.
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    Johali's Rate the Xfinity race --- Bristol

    9. Good racing and only a few spins and wrecks. Nothing major to ruin a good race. Well, sad to see Creed get wrecked.
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    2023 IndyCar News / Misc.

    The above was a fun read. Kind of explains the whole thing in a roundabout way.
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    2023 IndyCar News / Misc.

    All of this is good news to me!
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    2023 IndyCar News / Misc.

    If this really happens it would make me happy. They've had such small fields for years and I almost dread having to sit through their race.
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    Take a picture of your current view

    Coll pics of the V8 SuperCars. Looks a bit wet.
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    2022 Firestone Grand Prix of Monterrey

    I wondered about the repaving also. The track looks good and it's not going to endure hard winters. Maybe there's more to it then we know but I don't recall any complaints from the drivers. Guess it's best to do it before problems arise.
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    2022 Italian Grand Prix

    The last couple of races have been disappointing and I'm a Verstappen fan but..... I still want to see a good race and that isn't happening for me.
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    2022 Firestone Grand Prix of Monterrey

    Another great Indycar race made even better with those guys fighting for the championship. I didn't care who won as long as they earned it and Power certainly did. Sad to have the season end. After the "high" from attending 3 days at the Portland race and then followed by today's excitement...
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