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    F1 2020 Season In Review

    Driver of the year: 1. Hamilton 2. Perez 3. Gasly Team of the year: 1. McLaren 2. Racing Point 3. Mercedes Race of the year: 1. Monza 2. Sakhir 3. Turkey Driver disappointments: 1. Albon 2. Vettel 3. Bottas Team disappointments: 1. Ferrari 2. Haas 3. Alfa Romeo Summary: We could have very...
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    2021 Silly Season

    I will believe anything about him retiring anytime whenever it comes up from a credible news source. As someone pointed out, Sherry urged him to keep on racing during her first fight with cancer. She beat it, and they got to celebrate quite a few successes together in the following years.
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    Favorite Moment of the 2020 NASCAR Cup Season

    All of the best moments listed here are viable candidates, but rather than vote for one of those, I'll toss my suggestion into the ring... I thought Kurt Busch finally winning at his home track provided us with a sweet, sentimental story late in the going.
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    What's your favorite NASCAR video game of all time?

    Out of all of the NASCAR games I've played, my personal favorites would have to be 2005 and/or 2008. They both included all of the major series, as well as the modifieds. As someone who enjoyed the NASCAR games, the fluid transition from local short track driver all the way up to Cup team owner...
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    This. It is the root of our passion.
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    Bubba, Denny and Mike

    Possibly reaching the top 20 is not out of the question. Getting too deep into that top half is another story.
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    Romain Grosjean

    I’m sad that he won’t get to compete in Abu Dhabi but also happy that he came out of a scary crash in very good health. What a blessing that is!
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    F1 - 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix

    Wow, that was incredible! You hate to see it. George Russell did everything right but was barren when it came to luck. Sergio Perez, though - is there a more deserving winner? As lamented, he has always been a solid driver and this win came on the back of an atrocious start. It should be a...
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    F1 - 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix

    Anyone else pulling for George to knock off a win at the first try?
  10. Truex_rox iRacing Invitational Race. Who's interested?

    I'd love to participate, although I'd be a newbie to iRacing. Mark me as "interested."
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    2021 Camping World Truck Series

    It is wild to think somebody from my town may actually have a legit shot at ascending through the NASCAR ranks. Must be nice. I wish the best for him!
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    At the age of 24 has Chase Elliott gained a couple steps?

    So... is this real? A real video game, or a real mod at least?
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    At the age of 24 has Chase Elliott gained a couple steps?

    De facto lead driver. :)
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    Cup Championship RACE thread --- Phoenix

    With Chase winning the championship, it guarantees that Hendrick Motorsports will continue to bare the name of a champion above the driver side door on at least one car, even now that Jimmie is departing. Wow. Can't believe I'm typing those words. Jimmie has departed. It's gonna take a while for...
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    Bubba, Denny and Mike

    Truex lived at the back of the field? Are you watching 2014 reruns? I know Harvick taking that L was rough, but good grief man. Lol.
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