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    Route 66 our way

    So did you have a favorite restaurant along the way of all the ones that you had? And did you have one attraction that you enjoyed the most?
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    Playoffs/Texas Pre-Race Thread

    They're trying out a new car at Texas this week.
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    Route 66 our way

    Not gonna lie, that steak makes me wanna drive down to the Big Texan lol.
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    Michael McDowell is your 2023 NASCAR champion.
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    Cup Driver Fired

    I thought Larson was running decent here lately. Looks like it's back to dirt racing and eating ramen noodles. Gonna have to sell that Multi million dollar home and move into the double wide. Owen's gonna be pissed when he has to sell that micro so dad can buy a street stock.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Michigan (weather permitting)

    They just said 17 and 6 to R&D, along with Jack Roush's personal street car.
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    Michigan Speedway Pre - Race Thread

    Josh Berry gonna drive for every team this year..
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    SRX Racing Series 2023

    Now that's cool.
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    USAC Indiana Sprint Week July 21-29

    This should be a good one tonight at Tri-State.
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    CARS Tour (2023)

    CARS tour throwback at Hickory today on Flo at 2:45 central.
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    SRX Racing Series 2023

    You know you suck when Ken Schrader says that about you.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Pocono

    Just released photo of Denny Hamlin walking out of Pocono.
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    Kamui Kobayashi Appreciation Thread

    At age 36, has Kamui Kobayashi lost a step?
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    GUINNESS WORLD RECORD Fourth Of July Drone Show!

    This is pretty cool stuff.
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