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    Thought for Today

    “No one is perfect - that’s why pencils have erasers.” Wolfgang Riebe
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    High Limit Racing

    Him and Larson are promoters of the event.
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    Has Kevin Harvick (at age 43) Lost A Step?

    When we asked Kevin Harvick if he's lost a step:
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    Silly Season 2023

    Here was his reply when a reporter asked him about him and Smithfield a few years ago: Smithfield has been one of your sponsors for a while. How did that relationship with them begin? Smithfield and I are going on eight years of being together. That means a lot to me. That means that we have...
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    Cup RACE thread --- Michigan

    He lives at the Dawsonville Pool Hall now..
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    Misc. Sprint/Midget Racing

    watching the 305 nationals from Belleville KS, forgot how big that track was.
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    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    This guy has some really good home videos from Watkins Glen in the 80's.
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    BC39 @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway

    It's all on Flo Racing.
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    North Wilks 2022 racing Schedule

    Are any of you getting the PPV tonight?
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    USAC 2022

    USAC Midgets and 500 sprint car tour from IRP tonight on Flo.
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    Silly Season 2023

    It's either Austin Hill or Paul Bunyan..
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    USAC 2022

    Hell of a race for sure.
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    Dirt Late Models 2022

    Yeah dirtvision.
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    Dirt Late Models 2022

    Wish I could watch this one, I love Boone. When I used to be real big into the USMTS series I was gonna make it a plan almost every year to get out there and watch the summernationals, but I never did.
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