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    Bristol RACE thread

    I would like to win this race just for the groceries in victory lane.
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    2020 All Star Circuit of Champions

    That All Star race was spectacular. I didn't see the WOO Race, but was watching the Jegs CRA from I-44 and it was amazing as well. Great night of racing all around, good to see.
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    Darlington RACE thread ! ! !

    It would be cool if they brought one kid down to the flagstand and the winner gave him the checkered flag.
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    Throwback Thursday

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    iRace Talladega --- RACE thread

    Here's the entry to Denny's room the next race. .
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    That was fun.
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    Back in the late 90's I saw him run a few celebrity dirt modified races at Sedalia Mo State fair speedway on the half mile, he was stout.
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    real race cars on track in two weeks

    He woke up and was at the wrong track..
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    Days since Phoenix

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    See any good movies lately?

    Kingpin was on one of the channels last night, hadn't watched it in awhile, love that movie.
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    iRacing Dirt on FS1

    That was fun. This is my new favorite series. Love having Johnny Gibson announcing.
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    Short Track iRacing Challenge 4/6 - 4/8

    I thought it was live, but Pockrass says it was taped last week.
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    I'd like to see Bell run the late model the next time.
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    Is it a thrustmaster?
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    Joe Diffie

    RIP. He was one of the artist kinda like Garth Brooks, Brooks and Dunn etc that would come on in the 90's and you knew every word to his songs.
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