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    It's a Joke Son

    A friend sent that to me yesterday with the caption, "betcha laugh at this one", but I figured the guy was going to fall face first in the mud. Little did I know!! Thanks for posting. It really is funny. Just glad it wasn't me!!
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    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    DAMN!! Been around mechanical stuff all my life and never knew what an annular drill bit was until it was mentioned in the above post and then had to look it up. Shoulda known Bobby woulda used the proper tool to perform his feats of getting this old Ford rebuilt to his specs. No Sir!! No...
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    Unofficial rate the Knoxville truck race thread

    7. I love racing on dirt along with short tracks and road courses.
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    Storage building

    How did you make out with the hurricane? Daughter lives by Leesville High School and said the house my Bride and I used to own had a major washout from runoff of adjoining properties. She sent me a photo and it was pretty bad. Too much water too fast and no place to go I guess. Never had serious...
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    New "what are you listening to thread"

    Same thing every morning; Comcast channel 848 playing "easy listening" and around 10:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m., Concast channel 847 with "Songs and singers" mostly from 1940 through early 1960's playing the old standards and vocalists like Sinatra, Fitzgerald and Vaughn, with some soft jazz...
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    Dale jr podcast

    FWIW, the interview with Jimmy Means is one all true NASCAR Fans should listen to. To many have no idea the hardships he went through and managed to keep doing what he does to this day. It is an eye opener for some of the newer fans of NASCAR to hear how many race teams operated prior to big...
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    Dale jr podcast

    Joe Whitlock always told it pretty much the way it was. I wonder how he would report it if he were still here but my immediate guess is his reporting would have been the same now as then. DAMN!! But I'm getting old!! Make that older.
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    Storage building

    Damn KTMLew01, I don't know what I'll do once you finish this project. Reading you tomes has brought many a smile to my face. Almost sad to learn the end of the project is near. What's next??
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    Road America

    I need a break through .........
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    Storage building

    Okay, so who owns the property the trailers are on? You lease from the property owner don't you? Doesn't the lady who owns the trailer also own the park?
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    Storage building

    Try address of trailer park. Good chance that is how it is listed. You might never find it under the owners name because it is possible the property is in a trust. We have a lady in this subdivision with twelve names on the deed of her unit.
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    Storage building

    Go to this website and you can find pretty much anything you want relating to taxes, ownership, etc., of this property if it is in Wake County.
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    Storage building

    Not being friendly with heights is a problem. In my former life I had to climb ladders and was always apprehensive. To this day I do not know how I screwed up the courage to do some of the things I did off a ladder. I had several jobs that required climbing, hanging out a window multiple...
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    Storage building

    What are you going to do when this porch/roofing project completed and you get your phone issue straightened out?
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