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    New "what are you listening to thread"

    Bell bottoms?!? :XXROFL:
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    𝐍𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐆𝐞𝐧 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐭

    That was one helluva horse race!!
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    Bonus for All-Star race on May 22

    Is that any two in addition to the regular picks or any two alone and the regular picks will not be counted. Asking for a friend ....................:rolleyes:
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    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Kansas

    8.5. Good racing. Congratulations to Kurt. Too bad Bubba had so many issues because he put together several come-from-behind runs. Tenth isn't too shabby but first is better. Good run, Bubba.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Kansas

    You're still a kid!!
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    New "what are you listening to thread"

    More, John Fogerty!! Must be at least forty years ago when my Bride and I went to a small tavern, a wide spot in the road, in northwest New Jersey for steamed clams and played this on the jukebox and danced. Brings back some great memories. Thanks for reminding me of John Fogerty fogerty.
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    The Announcers Thread

    Come on, Andy! If you are going to throw solid points into the discussion, at least do the entire quotation and not just half! "Asphalts for getting to the track and if you don't have dirt in your beer, you're not at a real race." 😁;):rolleyes:
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    Take a picture of your current view

    The U.S. of A. definitely is a place of wonderment. My Bride and I traveled extensively in the late '80's through 2002 when we finally sold our Foretravel 36 ft. motorhome. But despite all the travel we did, we never visited Utah or the national parks in that state. Neither did we get to the...
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    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Darlington

    8. Good racing all day.
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    Logano's Move

    In racing, these things happen. Byron did run the 22 car into the wall on the restart. I wonder ......... if a tire had gone down on the 22 car as a result if the action taken by Byron if fans would be as boisterous.:idunno: I watched and listened to the video and do not dispute Logano intended...
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    New "what are you listening to thread"

    ^^^ Pretty cool!!
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    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    think I'll try that Blue Moon. ;)
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    New "what are you listening to thread"

    Here is a better view of the enthusiasm of the clarinet and flutist musicians.
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    New "what are you listening to thread"

    The roaring twenties had some great, happy sounding music. This came from a generation prior to that time and while it might not be to everyone's taste, or appreciation, it will make you feel good if you listen to the entire piece. It is bouncy, happy, and full of excitement. This was written by...
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    2022 Nascar Hall of Fame

    Doesn't answer the question, "was he really a Pioneer?" To me, the category title, "Pioneer", indicates someone who was involved in the development of the sport in capacities beyond being a winning driver, but not excluding it as well. It could be a mix of driver/innovator/crew chief/ owner as...
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