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    Goings on, lots of goings on!!!

    Good to know you recognize that you need to stretch. The people I know, and at my age I know a bunch of them, who have had knee replacements all say the same thing. The rehab has good days and bad days but you gotta push through the bad days to get to the good days. You'll be okay.
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    Goings on, lots of goings on!!!

    Howzit going , Lisa? Sounds as if the rehab is working and with the extra trim on the walker you'll be the envy of the street. Good luck during rehab. I've been told it isn't comfy but yields BIG results.
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    Maurice Petty

    Another pioneer, gone. Condolences to the entire Petty Family. Their contributions to the sport will never be matched.
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    Anyone know how to ............. or why?

    Is there a way to remove drafts?
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    Anyone know how to ............. or why?

    If I type a reply or comment but do not send it for whatever reason, why does it stay in the reply box even after being deleted numerous times. I find this annoying and sometimes end up rethinking what was typed and try to delete it only to find it there a week later. ???????? :idunno...
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    Goings on, lots of goings on!!!

    With all the gimmicks on your leg it looks like a patchwork quilt. You sound in good spirits. Hope all is well and recovery shift.
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    NitroDude's Racing Adventures

    Way to go, Nitro Dude!!!!!!
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    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    Benn following along and now have some extra time so plan to start from the beginning of this thread and work my way through your project. Truly amazing what you are doing and how meticulous you are in the process.
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    Goings on, lots of goings on!!!

    I'd be concerned if you were not nervous but this type of surgery has come a long way and been completed successfully. You will be fine. Looking forward to a running commentary on the improvement.
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    Goings on, lots of goings on!!!

    Best of luck with the surgery, Lisa. I know a lot of folks who have had it done and all are glad they did. Stick with the rehab regimen even if there is a little discomfort as the payoff is huge!! Thinking about you, Kiddo!!
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    I need a hat, a chain for my wallet & a can of snuff.

    I gotta hand it to ya DPK.. You lost a long held job, picked yourself up by the boot straps, and made something work for you. It must be grueling to drive so far each day and then have to endure the waiting. You are someone who makes me proud to be able to say, "I know that guy."
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    Favorite car?

    Now, do you mean cars we owned that were a favorite or cars in general that are favorites? Cars we owned, my favorite would be a 1952 MGTD. I had one of these and it was without a doubt the most fun car, ever. I raced it, did road rally, hill climbs, if there was an event within 100 miles of my...
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    Notre Dame bound....

    Remarkable achievements for a remarkable young lady. Can truly understand the well deserved pride you have in her. I'm sure she will do well in the world once she gets her mind made up to take a specific path. Chips, cheers and beers as a salute to a wonderful lady, proud Momma and Poppa.
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    Knowing how quickly the sands of time run out

    Knowing how quickly the sands of time run out
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