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    RCR Project Car

    This was from a visit to RCR yesterday. Damn auto correct.
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    RCR Project Car

    From Avis to RCR yesterday.
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    Talladega I Bonehead
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    Throwback Thursday

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    '21 Generation 7 Car news

    Question about the 18 inch wheel. Will teams go with bigger brakes now with more room? Aluminum transfers heat much better than steel, where does this heat move to, tire via the tire bead? Will this create any tire issues?
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    Roval Bonehead(s)

    The racing public for attending or watching this garbage. Manufactured cautions, dramatized points system, circus like track, and an environment causing drivers to throw water bottles. Can you imagine Cale Yarborough getting drilled on the track like that and latter encountering the guilty...
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    Dale Jr. & family survive plane crash Some more factual information
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    An ode to nostalgia

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