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  1. Greg

    2024 NASCAR Schedules

    I disagree it is a shiddy race compared to the 500 and makes cup racing look like a pretender.
  2. Greg

    Country music has become a parody of itself

    She is fine in her tights tonight on the Peoples choice country music awards show.
  3. Greg

    Texas Bonehead Of The Race

    The children Fort Worth cry over being neglected and overlooked by the racing community last week. The boneheaded gerbils never mentioned their majestic skyline once. Hopefully they will overcome the pain and grow up to live as productivly as the citizens in Dallas live. Say a prayer for Fort...
  4. Greg

    Hendrick Motorsport News

    Long Live Said Head Nation.
  5. Greg

    NFL 2023-2024

    I agree. They need to fix that problem not TL.
  6. Greg

    NFL 2023-2024

    Exactly. I think a lot of teams would love to have Trevor Lawrence. I think he has all the physical tools to be one of the very best. I think he will accomplish a lot before it is all said and done.
  7. Greg

    My ex girlfriend hates Tyler Reddick

    Did she accidentally call you Tyler?
  8. Greg

    Future Proofs Past

    That is a tough one. If you caught her and took her to the taxidermist it would be a real PR nightmare. Bucky would probably hate you too. Thats is probably a key to Nessie's survival
  9. Greg

    Future Proofs Past

    The body heat thing probably is one of the biggest conerns. If one could figure out Sasquatches migration they could leave food out to entice him into permanently living in the same area. His body heat would be a good diversion to throw off the body temp reading drones.
  10. Greg

    Future Proofs Past

    Yep and it is so pointless. No need to be afraid or worry about anything. I just put on a big piece of aluminuim foil on top of my big wide brimmed cowboy hat, along with the mirrored aviation glasses to throw off the bird watching drones. Then I put the foil across the top of the truck and in...
  11. Greg

    Future Proofs Past

    The Conspiracy conspiracy cause every freaking thing is a conspiracy and nothing is real but you. Look around you even the birds flying around you are not real, they killed the real ones and replaced them with drones to track you. They can even simulate droppings and target the undesirables for...
  12. Greg

    Silly Season 2024

    It would take a lot of time and dedication to put all of the Poaching and Felon postings together and quantify them.
  13. Greg

    Hendrick Motorsport News

    300 wins and only 23 RF pages, or a rate of less than 3 post made per win. Mr Felon H has to be one the most unappreciated persons to have ever lived. There is one other owner that got less respect but I can't remember his name...
  14. Greg

    NFL 2023-2024

    Myles Jack done retired without ever going to the super bowl. Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, and teven Fergie and the Black Eye Peas has better SB resumes.
  15. Greg

    It's a Joke Son

    True story. My uncle and aunt took me the tent meeting when I was about 10 years old. They didnt have the snakes but they were speaking in tongues and really going at it. Anyhow there was a large woman about three times my size standing in front of me and she was starting to weave about from...
  16. Greg

    William Byron is the best driver in NASCAR

    Exactly and I think one of the attributes of a great driver is winning the races you are not supposed to win, or when you are not the fastest. GOAT conversations are fun and can be informative. But it is still very subjective, it is hard to even agree on the standards or measurements. At the...
  17. Greg

    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    I didn't watch the post race and I am devastated thinking about missing the part when they shoot the toy cap guns in victory lane.
  18. Greg

    Johali's rate the Cup race --- Texas

  19. Greg

    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    De-Feloned again
  20. Greg

    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    No win situation. If he lifts early he is called a choke artist, if he spins he is snarked by the keyboard jockeys as well. It was just a racing deal. Nothing is guaranteed.
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