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  1. cheesepuffs

    What's the Contributors Forum?

    I saw that if you donate here you get access to the Contributor's Forum, but what does that include? Tell me the draw.
  2. cheesepuffs

    Chris Buescher in 2nd JTG seat

    Chris Buescher to 2nd JTG Daughtery team: Greg Biffle's decision to leave Roush-Fenway Racing Monday triggered a chain reaction that will include the slumping racing company loaning driver Chris Buescher to a rival manufacturer next season. Buescher will drive for a newly-created second Chevy...
  3. cheesepuffs

    How on Earth can you call the Chase "a lottery"?

    If anything, the current Chase format is the toughest way there has ever been to win a Cup championship. You have to perform every. single. week. or risk elimination. You cannot have a "bad track". There are zero excuses. It's harder than ever and you have to earn it all the way. Why and how...
  4. cheesepuffs

    How to gain attendance...

    So I went to Loudon today, which was my first ever Cup race. And last Saturday I went to Fenway for a Rays - Sox game, which was my first ever major league baseball game. Allow me to compare/contrast the spectator experiences a bit. I am a huge race fan. All forms. I've been following NASCAR...
  5. cheesepuffs

    What happens when Junior retires?

    Where do the Dale Jr fans go when he calls it quits from Cup racing? Do the fans just stop watching the sport altogether, or it is Jeffery's lucky day?
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