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  1. hidesert cowboy

    Where was the race today?

    I heard nascar was supposed to broadcast Kyle petty’s first win On FoX. It never happened. What was the deal?
  2. hidesert cowboy

    It’s not Daytona without DW

    Man I miss DW kicking off the season at Daytona. It just seems like a glaring hole in the booth. I really miss his commentary especially at the start of the season.
  3. hidesert cowboy

    Hendrick $3 million on corvette?

    I see rick just bought the first mid engine corvette for 3 million. Here is an idea get the nascar teams you own actually outrunning other teams. Too many times gnassi and even buescher were outrunning hms cars. I am tired of seeing Jimmie have to drive over his head in a crap car...
  4. hidesert cowboy

    crew guys STAY OUT OF FIGHTS!!

    I am so sick of crew guys swarming a situation that involves decisions made by drivers on the track, coming in and trying to break up fights. This should be something the nascar officials do if anyone. Over the years we have had crew guys come in and escalate things dramatically. I think...
  5. hidesert cowboy

    Richard really did drop the hammer!!!

    Finally a real in car video that really shows what happened. I know a few people complained and I looked to find a better video and couldn't find it till now. Watch how much jonny morris is shaking!!! He looks like he is about to die. Richard looks to hit full throttle off turn 4, wide...
  6. hidesert cowboy

    The shake and bake adjustment, 19 sandbagging?

    as I watched the closing few laps yesterday, The battle for the race win was between the 4 car and the 19, the 4 car was pulling a big lead on the 19, in fact the 19 radios in and says I am wide open and he is pulling away. BTW I don't believe that. I find it pretty darn strange that after...
  7. hidesert cowboy

    Indy crowd looks like a rain delay

    that is the most pathetic non rain delay crowd I have ever seen. Including even at a nxs race. What is there 10k people there? That crowd is embarrassing. If that is the crowd nascar has no business going to Indy any more
  8. hidesert cowboy

    why are we running the IROC package at darlington?

    it looks like we are running the 550 hp engine and rules for this weekends race. I think that is a big mistake for darlington. Its a track that has always put on a great race. It races lots better with cars that have lots of power to get to the ground. The Iroc package works best at tracks...
  9. hidesert cowboy

    Newman and how he races?

    I think it might be said that Newman may have cost Matt D the race last night. When the leader has to crash into you to get by with a handful of laps to go to get by, how much driver etiquette is that? Matt D, lost half his lead getting by him, which was about 8 10/ths of a second. No one...
  10. hidesert cowboy

    big crowd at bristol

    noticed the best crowd I have seen in years at bristol. Any idea what the track did to get so many people there for this race.
  11. hidesert cowboy

    Sonoma 550 or 750 hp engine?

    this is the most boring Sonoma race I have seen what engine are they running?
  12. hidesert cowboy

    attendance not a problem at dega

    so looking at the stands, they looked way more full than any recent tracks we have seen. Why does this track have so many more fans at it than others?
  13. hidesert cowboy

    west coast swing, double headers=terrible idea in practice

    in the world we live in, sometimes I think nascar just changes stuff to placate the whiners. A few years back nascar decided they should group the west coast races together and call it the west coast swing. For people that don't live in the area this sounds great and convenient. The problem...
  14. hidesert cowboy

    short track package should be use on worn surface tracks.

    as I watch this new package, I think the problem with it is they are trying to run it on the tracks that didn't need a change in package. california, atlanta, and to a much lesser extent vegas, all have pretty warn out surfaces. This setup doesn't accomplish what they are after when its ran...
  15. hidesert cowboy

    so why did nascar seem cooler in the 80's? broadcast was way better!!

    just spent a couple hours watching a couple daytona 500's from the mid 80's No one can call a race as good as ken squier. He would say thinks like "franklin Tennessee's darrell waltrip driving the junior johnson prepared car. " Or "alabama gang member neil bonnett asserts his authority into...
  16. hidesert cowboy

    nascar admits blunder, do they make up for it?? apparantly jimmy was required to move to the back of the field to start the race at texas. Nascar claimed he failed inspection 3 times when it was only twice. Still...
  17. hidesert cowboy

    too few threads on first page.

    as I visit here I see a tendency to consolidate threads into pre race threads, race threads ETC. I don't think anyone likes their thread they create moved. I also feel that until we fill up the first page with new threads in a day there should be less tendency to consolidate threads into...
  18. hidesert cowboy

    Tired of seeing the same 3 cars capable of winning on speed.

    the cars flat out suck, its not a driver issue. When these cars are having trouble outrunning the front row cars something is way way and I mean way wrong. I looked at the practice sheets before the race and thought holy crap the HMS cars are awful. they are running with front row and BK cars...
  19. hidesert cowboy

    have's and have nots too predictable

    as I looked at the speed chart for practice. (which I think was kinda strange there is only one practice )and the results of qualifying. I wasn't surprised one bit. The cars are grouped in 3 catagories, faster than everyone else, medium speed and lost in the wilderness. 1) SHR faster than...
  20. hidesert cowboy

    after homestead penalties a joke, lug nuts etc. nascar.....come on

    here is a link, nascar is actually going to penalize these guys into next year! it just seems like a joke for a CC to sit out a race next year because he left the lug nuts off the car from the last race of...
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