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  1. PhillyAndroids

    who is going to pocono this weekend?

    Anyone going to pocono? Be cool to meet up if anyone goes.
  2. PhillyAndroids

    Anyone in Philly area going to Nascar takes over Philly?

    I work right at city hall so I am excited for this missed it last year If anyone here is going would be cool to meet up.
  3. PhillyAndroids

    If you wreck you are out

    See the news if repairs take longer then 5 minutes you are done. no more heavy damaged cars allowed to come back into the race.
  4. PhillyAndroids

    Silly Season For 2017

    So Read in a few post someone should start it (sorry forgot who and way to lazy to look) haha. so here we go Post all the crazy changes for 2017 I for one am still shocked Bowyer is taking over tony's ride/.
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