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  1. Zerkfitting

    NASCAR 2023 - BOLD Prediction Thread - The VOTE

    Someone noticed my avatar looks like a trailer hitch sometime back - I was amused and realized they were right. But it is actually the icon for a grease fitting from engineering drawings.
  2. Zerkfitting

    NASCAR 2023 - BOLD Prediction Thread - The VOTE

    Thanks pjmolo for doing the Bold Prediction thread.
  3. Zerkfitting

    NASCAR 2023 - BOLD Prediction Thread - The VOTE

    Thanks - I'm getting pretty good at this.
  4. Zerkfitting

    All Electric NASCAR Series on the Horizon

    I can see electric cars in drag racing but I can't see them racing for any distance longer than a full charge at full throttle will allow.
  5. Zerkfitting

    NASCAR 2023 - Bold Prediction Thread

    I had noticed drivers pinching cars into the wall last year and I was guessing one of those incidents would escalate this year resulting in a suspension. The Chastain/Larson incident came close where Chastain put Larson in the wall and Larson retaliated immediately; Larson was pushing...
  6. Zerkfitting

    Stages? Yes or No?

    The stages provide some exciting racing during the race rather than just logging laps. But there shouldn't be a caution, it reduces the strategy options for the teams.
  7. Zerkfitting

    Miami Bonehead

    Larson - I wonder how close he was when the Oh Sh__ moment happened.
  8. Zerkfitting

    2023 United States Grand Prix

    The story I read didn't say what caused the disqualification. What rule was broken?
  9. Zerkfitting

    Talladega II Bonehead Of The Race

    Harvick's team for getting their finish disqualified.
  10. Zerkfitting

    Kyle Busch Motorsports SOLD to Spire

    I figured Kyle was learning the business and would eventually become a Cup team. I'm guessing that a move to Cup might be too big of a step. I admire Kyle & Jr for being drivers who made successful teams and helping future Cup drivers.
  11. Zerkfitting

    2023 Firestone Grand Prix of Monterey

    That engine sounded angry pulling away from the pits and at one spot on the track when drifting wide. The engine sounded great at full song and working through the shifts.
  12. Zerkfitting

    Cup RACE thread --- Darlington

    I am impressed with the top 5 drivers.
  13. Zerkfitting

    SRX Racing Series 2023

    Tony kinda stunk up the show but congrats to him - he still knows how to run on dirt. I was surprised with Deegan's performance. Newman seems to be near the front in every race. It was too bad about the mechanical failure that took out so many cars. It was a tough night for the crew but...
  14. Zerkfitting

    SRX Racing Series 2023

    It was good racing.
  15. Zerkfitting

    SRX Racing Series 2023

    Last year just about every driver messed with Tracy. I thought there might be a contest to see how many would spin him out.
  16. Zerkfitting

    SRX Racing Series 2023

    What happened to the hot rod pace car?
  17. Zerkfitting

    Cup RACE thread --- Pocono

    I've noticed that running a car into the wall is more common these days.
  18. Zerkfitting

    2023 IndyCar News / Misc.

    I was looking to see what channel has the Toronto race and it isn't available on my cable channels.
  19. Zerkfitting

    You get dinner with one NASCAR person--past or or not with us....

    Smokey Yunick – to hear the truth behind the stories Mark Martin – he was a clean driver and shared info Kyle Larson – how running difference class race cars help Kyle Busch – what was he thinking when his inner Pete Townsend moment happened
  20. Zerkfitting

    How would SVG fare in Cup?

    I think SVG did well enough to get a chance with a NASCAR team - he passed the test. It is my opinion that good drivers can do well in any car given enough time to learn the car. In Chicago, SVG had street course experience while the other drivers didn't plus NASCAR drivers don't have...
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