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    World of Outlaws 2024

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    2025 NASCAR TV contract

    The NFL and NCAAF is always going to have more engaged fans, there’s only a handful of games lol! Reduce the cup schedule to 17 races and each race would be war
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    2025 NASCAR TV contract

    Why are people complaining about cable channels? They’ll all be carried on YoutubeTV
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    2025 NASCAR TV contract

    I really like this setup
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    Toyota News

    I’m a bit worried that is going to be a volatile car in the draft. Also that’s a very different front fascia than the others
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    2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    Thank God this year is over. Completely uncompetitive. I hate this argument as well, one team and mostly one driver ate up so many points it reduced the rest to scraps
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    MLB 2024 Season

    Nah i can’t agree here. The Golden Knights have arguably the most loyal following in the United States for NHL teams. It’s a big city with a lot of locals who have little to actually root for
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    2025 NASCAR TV contract

    I don’t agree with this at all. Starting pitching becoming less important and extremely large veteran salaries have increased parity quite a bit. Look at the Angels, 3 insane salaries and they can’t afford anyone else. Arizona and Texas were two very complete teams
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    Las Vegas Grand Prix (2023)

    Yeah haha Fremont St is the cheap part. Golden Nugget and The D are great options for $1 roulette
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    Somebody Should Start A Jade Avedisian Thread

    I hope any woman can be a successful driver in Cup. It would propel the sport in ways nothing else can
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    2025 NASCAR TV contract

    Peacock is a great app. And for $6!?
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    2025 NASCAR TV contract

    These hit the nail on the head. What everyone needs to consider is that tv viewership due to streaming is shrinking, so sports holding level is a big win. I remember reading that in 2011 Game 1 of the NBA Finals for the Heat-Spurs was outdrawn America's Got Talent (both got around 15 million...
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    Las Vegas Grand Prix (2023)

    I don’t understand why we couldn’t just make a track since we’re in the middle of desert. Could’ve been an awesome collab with NASCAR on the outside of town & had a lot of nice elevation changes
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    Las Vegas Grand Prix (2023)

    I think the cheering of its failure is because of the ridiculousness of the event & the treatment of the locals during the preparation for this. Just make LVMS an F1 roval and call it a day. This is a joke of motorsports
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    Charlie Powell Memorial South Carolina 400 this Saturday has a stacked field ( On Flo-racing)

    I miss heading up to Florence. I'd say some of the coldest racing experiences I've had is there
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    2023 Bonehead of the Year: The Vote

    It was intentional by Carson. Noah should win this in a landslide
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    2023 Bonehead of the Year: The Nominations

    You’re kidding me. Corey Heim was intentionally taken out in a championship race and collected him on a turn. Chase hooked someone down a fast front stretch
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    2023 Bonehead of the Year: The Nominations

    This. Noah Gragson torpedoed his career in my opinion that had a ton of promise. Ridiculous crap off the track and horrible performance on it
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    2024 Chili Bowl

    The problem is this has turned into a premier motorsports event in the US & the pay is ridiculously low. These teams are spending tens of thousands getting their cars ready for this event & some serious sponsorship money is pouring into it. For the top prize to only be $20K is absurd considering...
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    All Electric NASCAR Series on the Horizon

    Haha you had me at Borla exhaust. Put one of those on my buddies Type R. We absolutely ripped that thing on I-85 a few times out by Gastonia
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