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    Cup RACE thread --- 500 at Daytona

    Warner Brothers Discovery are broke and saying they may not bid on the NBA.
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    Cup RACE thread --- 500 at Daytona

    Fox's font makes A's and R's look the same. Problem with modern-day Daytona and Talladega is seen from this first half. When there's no wrecks, you get big group, so all that matters is who gets dropped by the draft and goes a lap down. So over 90 minutes we have Bubba Wallace brushing the wall...
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    Bubba in the 45

    I've been waiting for this to happen since the playoff format was made and "win you're in". Didn't even have to be an injury deal, could've been a road course ringer brought in for a week and won. It was inevitable one day the 16th driver and car would be different. It's just going to be a royal...
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    Ryan Newman and Matt Kenseth receive playoff waivers.

    If that's the reasoning or the excuse, just ditch the Drivers Points and have the championship be for Owners Points only. That way drivers can get changed at will and team owners and sponsors are not at risk if a guy gets injured/becomes stupid on the internet. This is all irrelevant anyway...
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    Ryan Newman and Matt Kenseth receive playoff waivers.

    So if Larson in theory was picked up by Front Row Racing full-time in June, would he be granted a waiver? I do find the whole system ridiculous. The cutoff at 30 doesn't mean anything for a full-time driver when I think last year there were 31 full-time Cup drivers receiving points. I could...
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    2020 IndyCar Miscellaneous

    Love to see it. Unfortunately, it's only going to be road or street courses I believe. I don't think he has any desire to race Indycar on an oval.
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    Who will drive the #6?

    There were a grand total of TWO Fords in the Xfinity race Saturday. They don't exactly have a bench. "Rookie salary" or someone that will take anything, which there's always plenty of them.
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    Who will drive the #6?

    I think little of him as a driver, but David Ragan kind of makes sense as a fill-in.
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    daytona carnage count?

    From my Unofficial Rules of Auto Racing: I gave up on Daytona and Talladega being real races the day a young Brad Keselowski sent Carl Edwards airborne into the catch fence and toward the crowd at the finish, and NASCAR stated that was good because Keselowski did not go beneath the double...
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    daytona carnage count?

    It won't. Nothing is going to change until a driver or fans die. It is not a question of if, it is a question of when. And when that happens NASCAR will try something like hold up a frayed belt to pass blame off to the top safety supplier. The cause of Newman's crash last night was easy to see...
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    Praying Newman Is Okay

    Yeah. Just finished race and watched it on replay and LaJoie nailed him in the driver door. Reminds me a lot of Geoff Bodine's Truck crash. Guys driving with their rear view mirror like they do every year 4 times a year on restrictor plate tracks.
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    RACE thread --- Daytona 500

    Seeing as the pre-race coverage stopped according to Fox at 2:30, they seriously could've started this race at 2:45.
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    RACE thread --- Duels from Daytona

    So race-in status for the 2nd Twin: -Gaughan: already made the field -Timmy Hill: can make the field on speed if Gaughan is the best finisher of these 3 -Yeley: must be the best finisher of the 3
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    RACE thread --- Duels from Daytona

    Fox are covering this wrong. Sorenson is not in the race-in spot, Haley is. But Sorenson would make the race then on speed.
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    What is your "home track"?

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    Silly Season 2020

    If you're Roush and JTG, why not go ahead and switch your drivers now? You'll at least get a few races to learn a bit with your new guy prior to 2020 starting.
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    What's your unpopular NASCAR opinion?

    Well for a lot of tracks qualifying is rather pointless. Bar road courses and the shorter tracks, I can see NASCAR's thought process in making it a glorified practice session.
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    USAC 2019

    Attended the 4-Crown Nationals both nights. First, it's a good thing the rain came Friday and not Saturday. Saturday they were booking it and still got done at 12:30. Friday had a 3-hour rain delay and got done at 1:15. Thought the USAC sprint cars put on the best show of the 5 races. Midgets...
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    Cup RACE thread --- The Roval

    It's ridiculous how transparent that was. Almirola is falling backward on old tires outside the top 12 in points with no hope unless a caution comes out. Suarez goes flying wide too fast into a corner and spins a long distance. Stays still, grabs the caution, then takes off. You could make the...
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    Cup RACE thread --- The Roval

    Not read the thread at all and just finished the race. Any mention on how convenient Suarez's spin with 12 to go creating a caution and then Suarez's crash with 1 to go attempting to create a caution was/would've been to Aric Almirola's playoff fortunes? The spin with 12 to go reeks to high heaven.
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