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  1. NASCAR Apologist

    Phoenix - NASCAR Cup Series Championship Race Pre-Race Thread

    The most bittersweet time of the year. But I can’t wait! What a quartet we have this year. Phoenix is a great location for the finale.
  2. NASCAR Apologist

    NASCAR - Television Ratings Thread

    And supposedly more people are watching NFL and CFB than in years? Yeah, right. This feels rigged.
  3. NASCAR Apologist

    2024 NASCAR Schedules

    Three pack tracks and two road courses in the final third. Getcha some of that!
  4. NASCAR Apologist

    Interesting….using the old points system.

    Have you seen what charters are going for? The sport is as popular and healthy as ever.
  5. NASCAR Apologist

    ignore button

    It wouldn’t make sense if this forum didn’t consist of members who wholly endorse NASCAR
  6. NASCAR Apologist

    Would you rather the old way or the chase playoffs?

    Playoffs for sure. The sport is more dramatic and popular than ever thanks to the new formats (stages incl.)
  7. NASCAR Apologist

    NASCAR at LeMans

    When are the stage breaks scheduled for?
  8. NASCAR Apologist

    Does NASCAR park Chase?

    Chase is such a nice guy. I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. I hope Rutledge is there at the Pool Hall to capture the moment when Chase is exonerated by the penalty report.
  9. NASCAR Apologist

    RACE thread ---- The Open and the All-Star

    I wonder how much horsepower those Late Model Stock and Pro Late Models have. :cool:
  10. NASCAR Apologist

    RACE thread ---- The Open and the All-Star

    Looked like short tracking racing to me.
  11. NASCAR Apologist

    RACE thread ---- The Open and the All-Star

    Jesus, NASCAR finally makes its long-awaited return to a track people thought was DEAD, and the night is full of nothing but whinge about the Next Gen and…a guy flipping the bird?? I hope you gals are able to locate your Spanx in the morning.
  12. NASCAR Apologist

    NASCAR needs a new car ASAP

    Mein Gott! German ingenuity.
  13. NASCAR Apologist

    NASCAR needs a new car ASAP

    You said it!
  14. NASCAR Apologist

    NASCAR needs a new car ASAP

    Texas is a great candidate to reconfigure into a pack track and I think the package can be tweaked to make a place like Michigan one as well. One pack track race every four weeks would be a great balance.
  15. NASCAR Apologist

    lets fix nascar,because they are to dumb to do it.

    What’s there to fix? The Next Gen is safer and racier than ever, the teams and drivers more talented than ever (except for when they are being mean to NASCAR), the attendance and ratings are massive. It’s all good in the ‘hood.
  16. NASCAR Apologist

    NASCAR needs a new car ASAP

    I have long regarded SOI as the forum sensei so I would for certain trust his opinion over any of the drivers.
  17. NASCAR Apologist

    Bonehead of the Week: Talladega

    True, the lower the HP the better the ratings. Maybe we should reduce output to 510 everywhere or even 450 like the All-Star Race at Charlotte several years ago.
  18. NASCAR Apologist

    Johali's Rate the Xfinity race --- Talladega

    9.27 Good old-fashioned Talladega pack racing today. It’s all part of the game
  19. NASCAR Apologist

    Cup RACE thread --- Martinsville

    Once again the racing was better than ever. Incredible how NASCAR continues to raise the bar each week. If you don’t like that, don’t even watch!
  20. NASCAR Apologist

    Circuit of the Americas Pre-Race Thread

    You’re a NASCAR fan and you hear teams might have to make a couple of green flag pit stops:
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