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  1. Whizzer

    Been busy as of late...

    Congratulations, Kiante!! I can understand your excitement. It is a real tough grind following the teams as they cross the country but worth it if it is something you enjoy. Racing takes on an entirely different perspective when in your position than it does for those sitting in the armchair...
  2. Whizzer

    Route 66 our way

    That sucks!! Hope your Bride feels better quickly. My Bride and I both contracted Covid early July and at our ages it took two months to fully recover. Mostly just a laggy feeling but felt good otherwise. I ended up with fluid next to the lung that required they drain and test for cancer...
  3. Whizzer

    Route 66 our way

    Don't ignore it. The price for failing to pay and penalties imposed accumulate faster than a mafia loan shark. And it's legal to charge those rates!! Of course with you living in New Zealand, not sure what repercussions there might be unless they wait for you to enter the u.S. and arrest you...
  4. Whizzer

    Country music has become a parody of itself

    Merle Haggard, Hank Snow, Bob Wills, Hank Thompson, Roy Drusky, Merle Travis, Tommy Duncan, Gene Watson, Hank Williams, Sr., Charley Walker, Jack Greene, Ernie Tubb, Dwight Yoakum, Johnny Rodriquez, Eddie Arnold, George Jones, Ricky VanShelton, Vern Gosdin, Ray Price, Charlie Pride, Jim Reeves...
  5. Whizzer

    Take a picture of your current view

    After getting beyond the beauty of the sunrise, noticed potholes and patches in highway. Reminds me of New Jersey in the spring with the roads eroded by winter weather.
  6. Whizzer

    Take a picture of your current view

  7. Whizzer

    Build thread + Racing Updates

    I had a boss like that when I first entered the serious working world. More than once he made promises and failed to keep them and all but one time did it involve anything except money. Eventually got to the point where I embarrassed him in front of other people and proving he was screwing me...
  8. Whizzer

    The Food thread

    Holy smoke!! Two dozen peppercorns? Two bottles of hard cider? Guess the alcohol will burn/evaporate from the cider but all those peppercorns have my stomach registering in protest already. But, it does sound good and I will send you my home address so you can send a medium sized sample of the...
  9. Whizzer

    Take a picture of your current view

    That looks like west Texas around VanHorn. Thank you for posting the picture. I miss your adventures and appreciate it when you post them. 👍
  10. Whizzer

    Leo Jackson

    Sad to learn of his passing. Condolences to his family and friends.
  11. Whizzer

    New "what are you listening to thread"

    :D👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Went to the Broken Spoke to see the Derailers about 2004. Great place and fun night. Danced till I darn near dropped!! Got a ways to go to perfect my Texas 2-step but I'm working on it.
  12. Whizzer

    Rebranding Hooter's

  13. Whizzer

    New "what are you listening to thread"

    I do like Keb' Mo!!
  14. Whizzer

    Definitions (Modified)

    To add some humor to your day. Somewhere, within these definitions, there is one that will remind you of someone you know. Somewhere there is a definition, readjusted, that will remind you of someone or something or at the very least, draw a mental image of an individual. Read them over and...
  15. Whizzer

    Puns to share with morning coffee

    I just finished reading a book about the world's nicest basement. It is a best cellar. It was my first week of working in a bicycle factory and already they made me a spokesman. My laptop caught pneumonia. Turns out I left Windows open. The main function of your big toe is to make sure all...
  16. Whizzer

    Bubba Wallace Appreciation Thread

    In some cases where people are dealing with inner demons, speaking out on social media or to friends helps them deal with those issues but this is not an indicator Bubba needs psychiatric assistance. In Bubba's situation, a lot of his problems come from placing tremendous pressure on himself to...
  17. Whizzer

    Final results and standings

    Let's all get together and offer a BIG, I mean, really BIG, shout-out TexasRaceLady for the time spent and effort in putting this all together for us to enjoy another year. It requires commitment and willingness to prepare and then follow up after each race by posting the results. One can only...
  18. Whizzer

    Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series

    Jade Avedisian!! First female to win a national championship in any motorsports racing organization. And what's more, she did it by beating the best of the best in Xtreme midgets!! You go girl!!!! More to come!!! Cannon MacIntosh proved himself to be a major force in that series as well.
  19. Whizzer

    Johali's Rate the Cup Championship race

    9.5. Very good race and the idea lapped cars were respectful plus no one laying down for final four. Nice to see race end without a multitude of cautions and/or wrecks. Congratulations to Ryan Blaney! He drove one helluva race but had me concerned he used up his car in that last long run...
  20. Whizzer

    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    I went through three of those foreign starters, one after another as replacements, on a John Deere 332. Finally found one made in USA and never had another problem. :idunno::salute:
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