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  1. FearThe4

    How does Natalie Decker keep her ride?

    is it the sponsor that wants her and if the team fires her the sponsor is leaving with her? only thing I can think of cause its clear she was pushed to the truth series before she was ready and is sad to watch but nothing you can do if the Sponsor wants her and is happy.
  2. FearThe4

    Nascar can't go a week without making fools out of themselfs

    I mean its something every week they do and make them look like fools and they made plenty dumb calls today. 1.screwed Kurt Busch out of a win knowing they was not going back green and lied to him. 2.starting the race at 1pm knowing it was noway they get done before the t storms pop up.should...
  3. FearThe4

    Unrivaled was Great!

    really enjoyed that Fox did a great job putting that together.
  4. FearThe4

    Can We Please Get Talladega off the schedule?

    that was the sorriest race i have ever seen noone wanted to race just ride around and follow each other. get rid of this crap and give Iowa both races and the Chase date.
  5. FearThe4

    Put Hailie Deegan in the #41 Next Year!

    that girl can race and Nascar need all the stars they can get to sell tickets so bring her up and let her show everyone what she can do aginst the big boys.
  6. FearThe4

    Looks Like Brad is going to steal the title Just like Tony Did in 2011

    Tony got hot at the right time in 2011 and rode it straight to homestead and won the title looks like Brad has caught fire in the same way and I would not be shock if he the one holding the trophy at Homestead.
  7. FearThe4

    Is Hendrick Motorsports no longer a Super Team?

    it seems these days they are in the same league as RCR but do you think they can get back to the top or is this what we can expect from them going forward?
  8. FearThe4

    Nascar Should Use This Package for the 600!!

    it was a success tonight as I said in the racethread this was the best racing i've seen in Nascar in years and Nascar should go ahead and use it for the 600 and if the 600 is a success with it run it on all the mile 1/2 and 2 miles tracks and this could be what saves Nascar and bring the fans...
  9. FearThe4

    Kyle Busch is 20 wins Away From Tying Richard Petty at 200.

    not really but the way Nascar is coving it these days and they are counting all his wins in all 3 series it would not shock me if they tried to make a big deal out of this when he does reach 200 and make Kyle the new King of Nascar.
  10. FearThe4

    Nascar Should Run The RoadCourse At Indy Instead Of The Oval.

    try that out and see if you can get more fans to come out cause I know the racing would be better as racing on the roadcourses has been great in nascar the last few years. agree or disagree?
  11. FearThe4

    Why Does Martin Truex Get So Much Hate On Here?

    I notice in the race threads that users here hate on him every week and I don't get it.I mean I never have any problem with Truex I mean he not one of my favs but does not do anything to get the hate he gets on here.
  12. FearThe4

    Nascar Screwed Kevin Out Of Another Win.

    Kevin did a good job at taking Johnson's best shot and was pulling away from him when Nascar decided to throw one of their bull**** Debris caution.
  13. FearThe4

    The 1992 Hooters 500 Has Turned Out To Be The Worst Thing To Happen To Nascar.

    think about it Nascar has been trying to recreate that Race ever since and that's why we have the Chase so blame the 92 hooters 500 as good as that race was it turn out to be bad for Nascar cause of the idiots in charge has been trying to recreate it every since. anyone agree or disagree?
  14. FearThe4

    Kevin Harvick Is The Real Nascar Sprint Cup CHampion For 2016.

    I don't give a crap what Nascar and Jimmie Johnson say about it but Kevin is the Champion and that's all that needs to be said about it.
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