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  1. Jimmy W1

    Stirling Moss passes........

    Stirling Moss passed away today at 90. Rest in peace, Sterling. What a great driver!!
  2. Jimmy W1

    Happy Birthday and RIP.....

    Dan Wheldon. You would have been 40 years old today. The racing world will always remember you and what a talented, wonderful person you were. God Bless you, Dan.
  3. Jimmy W1

    Danica let the cat out of the bag........

    yesterday when she let it slip that she will be driving for Ed Carpenter in the Indy 500 race this year. I'm glad she got a ride. :)
  4. Jimmy W1

    New windscreens.........

    Scott Dixon will be testing a new windscreen at Indianapolis on February 8th. Long time coming......
  5. Jimmy W1

    RIP Dan Gurney

    What a great driver. What a great loss to the racing world. :(
  6. Jimmy W1

    What races will you be attending?

    For me it will be St. Petersburg, like always. Indy Gran Prix and Indy 500. The Mid Ohio and Pocono are a maybe. I do have a new/never used tent ready for camping, though. So are any of you planning on going to any of next year's races?
  7. Jimmy W1

    2018 Indycar Shakeup

    Tony Kanaan going to AJ Foyt as Ganasi trims back to only two drivers- Ed Jones and Scott Dixon. Castroneves cut from Penske except for the Indy 500. Sato going back to Rahal. Andretti picks up Stefan Wilson. Charlie Kimball and Max Chilton gone.
  8. Jimmy W1

    Danica- coming back to Indycar?

    I guess the way she's talking, she will be losing her ride next year. The Rahals would like to see her come back. I don't think she should have ever left. Is money more than success? Maybe, I guess. But I think she would have really had a successful career in IndyCar. Water under the bridge...
  9. Jimmy W1

    Happy Birthday, Danica Patrick!!

    So, here's a question for you- while Danica is blowing out the candles on her cake today. (Oh yes, she can drive and eat it too!!) :D My opinion? I think that she should have stayed in Indycar. I think by now she would have had several Indycar wins under her belt and she would have been...
  10. Jimmy W1

    Awesome weekend at St. Pete!!

    What a race!! The threat of rain passed by on a few occasions so it turned out to be a fabulous day! The best part about it was the autographs that my son and I got over the weekend. I'll try and post a few pictures later if I can. But here's a list of the autographs we got: some of them I would...
  11. Jimmy W1

    Who ya rootin' for...........

    In IndyCar this year? For me, it's going to be Joseph Newgarden. He's with a good owner. Hopefully, a good team. And I think he will do well. At least I am rooting' for him. How about you? Any predictions? Who are you going to be rooting for to have a great year and/or win it all?
  12. Jimmy W1

    Is Newgarden the guy?

    Now that he is with Penske, is he going to be the next golden boy? I think he can win some races. We'll see. Whata you guys think?
  13. Jimmy W1

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy Clark!!

    Born in 1936. He would have been 79 today. I don't have to tell you he was my favorite. I grew up watching him through my high school days. He was my hero. First class all the way. And as I remember it, back then, kids picked out decency, dignity and goodness for their idols. I was...
  14. Jimmy W1

    Strange things happen............

    Most of you probably remember......three years ago today, the tragic accident in Las Vegas took Dan Wheldon's life from us. I was watching the race in disbelief when it happened. Odd thing..... I have been watching the Indy 500 races on TV most of my life. My buddies and I would watch AJ...
  15. Jimmy W1

    Will Power on the David Letterman show........

    So, did you guys catch it? If you didn't here it is. Enjoy.......
  16. Jimmy W1

    A Tribute To Dan Wheldon.....

    You know, I just loved seeing this young man at the track and on TV. He seemed like a tremendous person. I was crushed when he left us. I just happened to come across this tribute a few days ago. I thought I would share it with you. I hope you enjoy it. I hope it comes out OK. Push the blue...
  17. Jimmy W1

    Which engine will they choose?

    I heard yesterday at the Indycar time trials that Ed Carpenter and Sarah Fisher Hartman were going to team together next year. Carpenter has Chevys. Fisher has Hondas. It will be interested seeing which engine they choose. Or what they will do.
  18. Jimmy W1

    Jack Hawksworth cleared to go!

    Well, Jack has been cleared to start racing again. I'm glad to see him back. Go get 'em, Jack!! And good luck!!
  19. Jimmy W1

    Paul Tracy? What do you think?

    I really get a kick out of him. He was always pretty aggressive the last few years in Indycar. But, I think he does a good job as an Indycar announcer. I always enjoyed him and Tanner Faust on "Battle Of The Supercars". Now that he is retired, he gives a great view of the race through his...
  20. Jimmy W1

    Marco getting agressive........

    He got penalized for ignoring the blue flags on Saturday. Then yesterday he got a little aggressive (just a bit) with Justin Wilson. Then at the end of the race it looked like everyone really pushed him around when they passed him. Any thoughts?
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