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  1. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    R.I.P. Amanda Gambacorto

    Happened at a local track near me. Young girl too. What a shame.
  2. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Bonehead of the week - Las Vegas edition

    Not too many options this week but I'd have to give it to Grubb for making Denny stay out instead of pitting with everyone else.
  3. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Congrats to Matt Kenseth & JGR!

    Welcome to Gibbs Racing and happy birthday!
  4. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Any Professional Bull Riding fans?

    PBR is in town this weekend at Madison Square Garden and I got some free tickets to their show tonight. I have watched it before when I catch it on tv but have never been before. I figured a few of you on here might be fans.
  5. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Ryan Hunter-Reay!

    Simply awesome! Congrats Ryan! This was a glorious night! I have been waiting for this since 2006 since our last American driver won the championship. I couldn't be more proud of Ryan. After having 2 horrible finishes at Mid-Ohio and Sonoma he bounced back with a huge win in Baltimore and now...
  6. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Truck race at Texas

    anyone else watching? lol A few wrecks so far and Todd Bodine is out with a blown engine.
  7. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Hard Parts: South Bronx - really? come on Speed

    I looked around to see if there was a thread on here about this but I didn't see anything. Who the f*ck thought this was a good idea? Being from New York City, this show pisses me off even more. F*ck you speed. I hope this **** gets cancelled asap.
  8. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Anyone fly recently? Opt-out questions

    Not looking to turn this into a political thread. I'm flying this weekend out of Newark and I'm going to choose to opt out of the body scanner machines if I have to. Just wanted to know if anyone else here has done the same and what your experience was like? Thanks in advance.
  9. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Formula One Race #2 - Malaysian Grand Prix Thread

    McLaren took the 1 and 2 spots in qualifying again. Should be interesting to see how Vettel responds again this race. Ferrari had another week of bad qualifying. Here are the results from qualifying.... Pos No Driver Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Laps 1 4 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 1:37.813 1:37.106...
  10. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Formula One Race #1 - Australian Grand Prix Thread

    Anyone else excited for the opening race tonight? Race is going to be live tonight on Speed at 1:30am. I'm going to start watching the race but I'll probably end up DVRing most of it and finishing it in the morning before the Bristol Cup race starts. Here is the starting lineup... Pos No...
  11. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Record-seeking skydiver aiming for a 23 mile jump!

    Insane! and Kittinger jump back in 1960 is even more insane, I never saw this video until tonight
  12. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Bonehead of the week - Las Vegas

    Cup or Nationwide. My vote goes to Brads #2 team for being about 16 or 17 laps short on fuel. I know I'm bad at math and calculations but these guys were way off with that.
  13. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Greg Biffle on speed right now

    Greg "No Balls" Biffle says he's pissed off about people saying he didn't try to win!
  14. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Video of JR and Brad racing to the bathroom

    Didn't see the video posted anywhere here
  15. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Nationwide Series at Daytona

    Green flag is only little over an hour away, not looking forward to the 2x2 car tandem nonsense that they said is going to happen in this race.
  16. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Chasing Daytona: Kenny Wallace

    It's on the speed channel right now if anyone is interested in watching it. Looks to be very interesting. It has the nascar on showtime type feel documentary style to it.
  17. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Special Daytona 500 annoncement on WWE Raw tonight

    I just saw they are going to make some sort of announcement tonight on WWE Raw. Not sure what its going to be. It starts at 9pm on USA Network if anyone is interested in watching. Anyone know what it is?
  18. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Trucks at Homestead Finale

    Hopefully the rain stays away and they can get this race in.
  19. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    Nationwide Race at Dover

    We just had our front runner for bonehead of the week and that goes to Alex Kennedy and his spotter for pulling up across the track and ruining Kevin Swindells day.
  20. StewartHaas-Gibbs Racing

    F1 - Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix

    Congrats to Vettel, he completely dominated this race.
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