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  1. kk5fan

    Bonehead of the race: Daytona 500

    NASCAR, for once again forgetting that they have a weather dependent sport.
  2. kk5fan

    Tony on young drivers

    It's all because NASCAR wants vanilla. And Tony hates vanilla.
  3. kk5fan

    too few threads on first page.

    Don't change a thing.
  4. kk5fan

    NASCAR On FOX , New Studio For 2019

    Where is Danielle?
  5. kk5fan

    Put Hailie Deegan in the #41 Next Year!

    She and her handlers have to resist bringing her up too early because NASCAR wants another gimmick. If she's ready, bring her up but not before.
  6. kk5fan

    Rate The Cup Race: The Charlotte ROVAL

    Liked this race and would consider going next year. Would be great to go see a road race where you could see the whole track. Solid 9.
  7. kk5fan

    How to contact those that might matter?

    On my 60" the cars almost look life size!
  8. kk5fan

    How to contact those that might matter?

    But they look so purdy in hi def!
  9. kk5fan


    Let us pray.....
  10. kk5fan


    How does everyone not find this sickening?
  11. kk5fan


    I can't disagree with that.
  12. kk5fan


    Wish we had Menards here in Kanuckistan. Alas, we don't. I go to Lowes most of the time just because it's closest.
  13. kk5fan


    Sure. I went and bought something specifically at Lowe's last week JUST BECAUSE they sponsor Jimmie Johnson. Well, no, not really.
  14. kk5fan


    I'm with you. I would lose much respect for MTJ if he signs with The Preacher.
  15. kk5fan

    78 FRR is done

    And the Preacher said; "Visser, We must raiseth your tithe to the Church of Gibbs on the dawn of the year that cometh". Visser was not in kind spirits about this. "Preacher, this will smite the Team of the Furniture Row and many will suffer. Why must it be? If this is so we will ceaseth to...
  16. kk5fan

    78 FRR is done

    Understood but the principle's the same. JGR DIRECTLY forced a competitor out of business by manipulating the money of that team's budget. Nothing do to with anything on the track except Coach's boys were gettin' beat.
  17. kk5fan

    78 FRR is done

    I know some don't like comparisons to stick and ball sports, but what would happen if, for example, the New England Patriots were allowed to buy out the Pittsburgh Steelers, take all of their best players and staff, and put PITT out of business? NASCAR has to really think hard at the precedent...
  18. kk5fan

    78 FRR is done

    Thank You for the explanation Coach Gibbs.
  19. kk5fan

    NASCAR Death Bed

    I'm a recently early retired old guy. I am comfortable financially. I decided to look for a new Challenger. I've wanted one since the 70's but buying an original model is out of the question unless you have $100k. Anyway, after the initial sticker shock of a brand new one (around $50k) I bought...
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