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  1. ted@economy

    Brad K engaged ?

    Seeing news on twitter.
  2. ted@economy

    Please Nascar , never consider racing in the rain

    Anybody else watching the stupidity of the Formula 1 wreck fest ?
  3. ted@economy


    I still think drivers need to be reseeded back into the field as they are knocked out . These one hit wonders don't deserve to end up 16th instead of 35th where they belong . Their career stats are distorted . Owners probably hype the inflated record to potential sponsors . Its out of whack .
  4. ted@economy

    Justin Marks

    Great news everyone . Twenty third place driver Justin Marks has put himself into the chase with a great shot at the National Championship . Only in America!
  5. ted@economy

    2 of each brand to r&d

    Looks like we will see if Toyota has any advantage .
  6. ted@economy

    Single Car Qualifying ? What gives?

    Just turned on qualfying , what's going on ?
  7. ted@economy

    Mike Wallace

    Have only seen one post on Mike Wallace running into the parked cars under the red flag . Bonehead move ? Spotter's fault? Nascar didn't display the red light in time? What happened there?
  8. ted@economy


    Warning , get your thoughts down on page one . There is no second chance.
  9. ted@economy

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone
  10. ted@economy

    Congrats Brad

    What congrats for Brad ? That was a heck of a drive right there .
  11. ted@economy

    So Nascar Has Trashed

    So Nascar has trashed the points system and they have trashed the qualifying system . Why in the world do they still draw for the qualifying order . Trying to hold on to the past ?
  12. ted@economy

    Carl Edwards

    During the pre race show Saturday night Carl was being pushed hard by DW about his contract negotiations with Roush . He asked Carl if he could ever win a championship with Roush and Carl was caught off guard . Is there speculation that Carl might move next year . DW gave that impression . Where...
  13. ted@economy

    Congratulations JR Motorsports

    Big night for Kellie and everyone at Junior Motorsports . Fielding four of the top ten cars , crewing them , getting sponsorship, pitting them , ...just an incredible feat for such a small company. . To me , the biggest winner of the night was Rick Hendrick . Throwing in with Kellie and...
  14. ted@economy

    Congrats to Dale Jr.

    Dale to the points lead again . BIG TIME. Congrats to Dale Jr. , Kellie , Steve . This may be the year.
  15. ted@economy

    where are all the Ford Fans?

    Not being a Ford fan , I was waiting for someone else to bring this up , but isn't Carl Edwards in first place ? I am a big Jimmy Fennig fan and love that he is representing the old age pensioners .
  16. ted@economy

    Over Under On Brian Vickers

    In response to someone picking him to win this year , how about over/under 18th place ?
  17. ted@economy

    Merry Christmas

    I don't recall us doing this before , but Merry Christmas everyone and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year .
  18. ted@economy

    new question

    There seems to be a total disconnect on here about the value of team and crew chief to a driver . Some say that if a driver has the talent , he can make the chase with a new team in total disarry . e.g. Keven Harvick and Kurt Busch next year . This is in spite of the fact that top notch drivers...
  19. ted@economy

    Stremme out at Swann Racing

    Stremme will be replaced by Cole Whitt . Isn't he an RCR driver ? If he is than the Swann /RCR satellite rumor seems to be in high gear,
  20. ted@economy

    New Format

    Takes a bit of getting used to . Is it me , or is the type getting smaller ? No way to get back the 'emoticons' (I think that's what they are called) ,how will we know when posters are kidding?
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