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  1. Michfan

    NBA restart

    I didn't see an NBA thread. Damian Lillard currently has 61 points and I dont think he's done
  2. Michfan

    501 kg deadlift

    Halfthor Bjornsson broke Eddie Hall's 500 kg deadlift yesterday and now these two behemoths are going to box
  3. Michfan

    RIP Bart Starr

    I was a huge Packer fanatic as a kid. I had a videotape of the history of the Green Bay Packers that I watched so many times. There was no leader like Bart.
  4. Michfan

    Sayonara Fox

    What a pathetic broadcast today! Farewell F*ckers Bring on NBC
  5. Michfan

    NBA All Star Game

    Worst all Star game of any sport I've ever seen...
  6. Michfan

    Congrats to Logano

    Great win for the 22 team. They will be tough to beat the rest of the way. Penske has the restrictor plate program figured out.
  7. Michfan

    Hunting thread

    Sorry if there is already a thread but I didn't see one. Ruffed grouse (aka partridge) season opens up tomorrow. One of my favorite days of the year. Took Thursday and Friday off for it. Four day weekend booyah
  8. Michfan

    Book suggestions

    I'm looking for an interesting read. Anyone read anything good recently
  9. Michfan

    James Buescher

    Why does he not have a ride? Kid was a good wheel man too.
  10. Michfan

    Heat races at Indy

    Not helping lol
  11. Michfan

    British Open

    Any golf fans? Hoping Phil pulls it out today.
  12. Michfan

    Kyle wouldn't have bumped Carl Not buying it
  13. Michfan

    Congrats Carl

    Back to back. This is why he was begging for this aero package to be implemented.
  14. Michfan

    Daniel Knost

    Has there ever been a bigger scapegoat? Produces a 3rd place finish in only his 5th race as a CC then wins his 6th race as a CC. Has his car in the chase as a rookie CC. Then last year the 10 had the best average finish since Danica took over and he gets fired. I hope he gets another chance.
  15. Michfan

    Congrats Carl

    Helluva win at Bristol
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