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  1. bigspud

    2023 Singapore Grand Prix

    who still watching this wwe fakery, rb got the call to throw this race.
  2. bigspud

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Chicago Street Course

    street courses always have sucked, no passing.
  3. bigspud

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Bristol on dirt

    5 move the dirt to talledega
  4. bigspud

    My Opinion?

    wahds finest moment
  5. bigspud

    Cup RACE thread --- Atlanta

    new fans need practice, practice is the place to explain this.
  6. bigspud

    Cup RACE thread --- Atlanta

    how exciting, so many lead changes, just like to see an in car throttle position graphic once in a while
  7. bigspud

    Cup RACE thread --- Atlanta

    thanks alot larry, for explain what the draft is, again
  8. bigspud

    The Clash

    cars sound horrible.
  9. bigspud

    Cup RACE thread --- Martinsville

    ross gonna change his last name to Walltrip?
  10. bigspud

    Cup RACE thread --- Martinsville

    ross should have said his throttle stuck open on the back stretch, i was just trying not to run into anyone.
  11. bigspud

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Martinsville

    would not surprise me if the 19 motor breaks within 5 laps next week, just to avoid retaliation.
  12. bigspud

    Bubba Wallace Penalty Predictions

    make him go to daytona and and open and close the garage door 100 times.
  13. bigspud

    Cup RACE thread --- Roval

    The No. 41 appeared to slow entering the backstretch chicane on the final lap, nascar investigation underway, upon further review 41 will now have to change name to danica for the rest of season.
  14. bigspud

    Rodney Rodney Rodney

    4 is done for the year, no reason to stop bashing the new car, more penalties for the 4 will only make nascar look worse.
  15. bigspud

    In Defense of Texas Motor Speedway...

    just leave them alone, fans will be closer to watch pitstops.
  16. bigspud

    In Defense of Texas Motor Speedway...

    why would you move the grandstands?
  17. bigspud

    In Defense of Texas Motor Speedway...

    all they have to do is use pit lane as the racing race area, and move the pits to the quad-tri-oval. super cheap fix.
  18. bigspud

    2022 Dutch Grand Prix

    f1 needs to inspect tsnodas car post race, if nothing found broken, dq for rb and at is needed, i quit watching after he pulled off the 2nd time, what a farce.
  19. bigspud

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Atlanta

    maybe next year they can throw some dirt on the track, zzzzz
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