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  1. frow78

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Bristol

    Was at the race. The 52 was smoking for a good 20 laps before letting go and left oil everywhere in turns 1/2. The trackside announcers were calling for a red flag to clean the track surface, instead NASCAR went ahead with the restart almost immediately. The 7, 19 and 9 (first cars to run the...
  2. frow78

    Bubba Wallace in the 43 at Pocono.

    boooooooooo Like 5.
  3. frow78

    Why Does Martin Truex Get So Much Hate On Here?

    Truex is the one driver that I actively root against. There's just some indescribable quality about him that I don't like, that and taking over the 78 and being really successful (could have been Regan Smith in the 78 today if he hadn't gotten booted).
  4. frow78

    Aric Almirola

    Smith in the 43 again at Dover (WOOOOOO!!!!)
  5. frow78

    Who was the worst driver to win a Cup race

    Ok, we're going to have a problem.
  6. frow78

    What kind of car do you drive?

    Not a 'typical fan', but: First and only car- 2005 Honda CRV
  7. frow78

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Talladega

    Props to everyone for not wrecking a lot of cars. also JEFF GREEN TOP 10
  8. frow78

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Talladega

    Just let them race, ffs.
  9. frow78

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Talladega

    Has Jeff Green been sandbagging the last 10 years just to shock us today with his talent??
  10. frow78

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Talladega

    Jeff Green is a legend
  11. frow78

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Talladega

    It doesn't get better than 30 cars under a blanket and huge wrecks ;)
  12. frow78

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Talladega

    Erik Jones has speed, wouldn't be surprised to see him win.
  13. frow78

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Talladega

    I love this Xfinity SS package. Huge upgrade from the last 2-3 years of two lines with no passing.
  14. frow78

    Fox and Friends News this morning 4 Driver interviews

    LOL at the girl cutting off Erik.
  15. frow78

    Is NASCAR dying?

    The engineers usually figure out aero by Kansas and it's downhill from there.
  16. frow78

    2017 IndyCar Stuff

    Sage! Nice looking car too, the Jeff Gordon numbers are back.
  17. frow78

    Is NASCAR dying?

    The best thing NASCAR could do at this point is establish itself as a legitimate competition. Not super exciting, not diverse- legitimate. It won't do anything to draw in new fans (what will?) but it will make lifelong fans happy. F1 is an established racing series because it is legitimate, no...
  18. frow78

    Dillon Vs Larson

    Oh, boy.
  19. frow78

    2016 Bristol - Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race - Pre Race Thread

    What channel is the race on?
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