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  1. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Truck RACE thread --- Las Vegas

    Umm, I see a lot of drivers do that. I think you're just making excuses to not like him. I wonder why... Anyways, solid race. Glad it wasn't a wreckfest and happy for Rajah.
  2. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Las Vegas Pre-Race Thread

    I don't mind pack racing but I am happy to see the real season start this weekend lol
  3. Ernie_Irvan#4

    NASCAR - Television Ratings Thread

    Shew, interesting to see if the Netflix fans will stay after Las Vegas race when they see it won’t be pack racing. Next Gen car does race good on the 1.5 mile tracks.
  4. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Atlanta

    9.5. I miss the old Atlanta track but this race will for sure be one of those “classic nascar races” you will see for years to come.
  5. Ernie_Irvan#4

    2025 schedule news/rumors

    Nostalgia is hella of drug lol I remember when everyone had a meltdown when NASCAR took the Southern 500 date away from Darlington and gave it to Fontana in 2004. Yes, the racing did improved with the old surface, but it’s really weird to see people act like this track was always amazing. I...
  6. Ernie_Irvan#4

    NASCAR: Full Speed

    In my opinion , Netflix did a great job with this. My wife never liked NASCAR but she loved the show so much that she now wants to watch the Daytona 500 for the first time. Hopefully it will bring more folks like that to the sport.
  7. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Homestead

    9 NASCAR, can we make Homestead the Championship race again?
  8. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Cup RACE thread --- Roval

    lol folks said he wasn’t going to make the playoffs or advance. A lot of goal post pushing out there. Qualified 4th and had a good run today until that incident, I don’t understand the hate around him.
  9. Ernie_Irvan#4

    2021 NASCAR video game by Motorsport Games

    The OG’s of the old papyrus days. Very exciting for sure!
  10. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    I know some folks dislike playoffs but man I love the pressure that it puts on the teams and drivers. Talladega should be another wild race ( Watch it be tame lol ).
  11. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Cup RACE thread --- Bristol

    Maybe Tony need to sell the team. SHR is terrible right now.
  12. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Cup RACE thread --- Darlington

    Yeah, if he can get the mental part figured out, he will win more races.
  13. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Indy road course

    9 Just glad it wasn't a circus like last season.
  14. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Indianapolis Pre -Race Thread

    Curious to see how the car will run without the diffuser. I think they said they’re going try it out for Indy and Pocono if the test is successful.
  15. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Cup RACE thread --- Michigan (weather permitting)

    Great race! Playoff battle for 16th is getting intense!
  16. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Michigan

    9 Man, if they can just get this car to run better on the short tracks…
  17. Ernie_Irvan#4

    NASCAR - Television Ratings Thread

    Funny how NBC/ USA is kicking FOX’s butt in ratings. If it wasn’t for the Daytona 500 and rain delays, it wouldn’t be close.
  18. Ernie_Irvan#4

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Richmond

    8 Ps, Bubba Wallace pit crew is terrible.
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