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  1. Ford 222

    The NASCAR Renaissance

    Maybe....but don't count on the popularity it enjoyed in the late 90's. A lot of it was a fad at the time and reasonably priced entertainment for a weekend. While ticket prices aren't terrible IMO, all the ancillary stuff (meals, hotel, gas) are predatory priced to take advantage of the fans...
  2. Ford 222

    If the glove doesn't fit!

    That's crazy that it makes that much difference. Enough difference that you make a special glove and risk a penalty. Was this noticed from the video or did NASCAR or a competitor see it (the glove) and turn them in?
  3. Ford 222

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Daytona

    8 to 9. First part where they were driving half throttle wasn’t fun but when they raced I enjoyed it. Didn’t appear to be any dominant makes either. I thought the Fords were In serious trouble before the race but they seemed capable to lead and come from the back.
  4. Ford 222


    I can't do math. I just look at the color to decide if it's trending the way I want or not. But I get what they are doing. It irked me too until I realized there was a 2nd round.
  5. Ford 222

    Unofficial Rate the Cup race --- Gatorade Duels @ Daytona

    Only saw the first one. My Fords looked like dog crap. 2
  6. Ford 222

    Cup RACE thread --- Duel 1 & 2

    Had to go to bed for Dual 2. Were the Fords any account in that one?
  7. Ford 222

    Daytona 2024 Pre-Race Thread

    Attaboy Joey! Unless you wreck.....then that is going to suck!
  8. Ford 222

    2024 Rolex 24 at DAYTONA

    Thank you. In airport waiting a flight. Best I got until tomorrow.
  9. Ford 222

    2024 Rolex 24 at DAYTONA

    BoP adjustments?
  10. Ford 222

    2024 Rolex 24 at DAYTONA

    Im having trouble getting practice info and not sure if It’s even indicative of how a team may run. So can anyone tell me how the Mustang teams look? Qualifying sure doesn’t seem very encouraging…..
  11. Ford 222

    Silly Season 2024

    Doesn’t hurt Toyota to have another car with an experienced winner pushing their current FT drivers. I think that’s why RFK is fielding a car for Ragan…
  12. Ford 222

    IMSA 2024

    Great info…thank you. I will look forward to them possibly being competitive!
  13. Ford 222

    IMSA 2024

    Ok thanks for the info…
  14. Ford 222

    IMSA 2024

    Couple ignorant questions... 1. The LMP2 they have any affiliation with manufacturers or anyone recognizable? 2. Anyone know anything about this Ford Multimatic Motorsports team? Are they brand new or an established team? With some Ford entries I will be following the 24 with more...
  15. Ford 222

    Denny Hamlin Appreciation Thread

    Only when he is involved in shenanigans at the track or someone shares something stupid he says on it will I go to listen. His actions post incident RARELY involve him owning up to being at fault, even when there is evidence of it that I recall? He wrecked Elliott in Martinsville (and still...
  16. Ford 222

    Denny Hamlin Appreciation Thread

    Maybe it's my bias against his arrogant ass but when has he admitted to mistakes? That's what grates me the most. 0 humility usually.
  17. Ford 222

    Is the Bristol Night Race the 4th Jewel?

    Davey won the first ever race I went to and it was Bristol 1990. Beat Mark by 8 inches. Day before Mikey about killed himself in a wreck like nothing ever seen before. Needless to say, I was hooked. And I'm old school so I always refer back to the Winston Million. Daytona 500-Richest (still?)...
  18. Ford 222

    RFK Racing News

    Is this to give the RFK guys some more devoted drafting help? I just don't see what any other benefit is to put DR in a car?
  19. Ford 222

    Stewart-Haas Racing

    This is the best one IMO. A picture of bold and unapologetic Harvick after a conversation with Elliott where he left his helmet on, threw his gloves at the 9 car, then made his usual threat of "ripping somebody's head off".... What a load. Gragson would have fit right in that 4 seat.
  20. Ford 222

    Stewart-Haas Racing

    I hope just the 10. Preece, Brisco, and the new guy seem to have some class.
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