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  1. EI2IC

    Headed to Darlington for the first time, Labor Day weekend. Need advice!

    Been to the Daytona July race and the heat was exhausting. Any idea if the heat around Darlington at that time would be just as bad if not worse?
  2. EI2IC

    NASCAR Paint Scheme Discussion

    I may seriously go buy some High Life because I forgot how awesome that paint scheme is. You win this round Miller.
  3. EI2IC

    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    Both those cars are awesome.
  4. EI2IC

    Racing Forums: The Game: Las Vegas

    Carl Edwards Jimmie Johnson Dale Earnhardt Jr. Kevin Harvick Jeff Gordon Tony Stewart Brad Keselowski Joey Logano Matt Kenseth Kyle Larson Denny Hamlin Danica Patrick Kasey Kane Going for 3/3!
  5. EI2IC

    Racing Forums: The Game: Atlanta

    Kyle Larson Dale Jr Danica Patrick Jeff Gordon Kevin Harvick Jimmie Johnson 1st place woo!
  6. EI2IC

    What Companies Do You Wish Sponsored/Owned Cars

    Way to really add to the thread....:rolleyes: Wish Tide would come back, great looking car. Would like to see a Boeing car, bet that would look pretty neat.
  7. EI2IC

    Your Daytona 500 Champion

    Congrats Logano. Makes it even better that he held off Hamlin aka that guy that said he doesn't worry about Joey because he doesn't race near him. Muhaha
  8. EI2IC

    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    Yup and now I am arguing with the airlines trying to charge me $200 for wanting to cancel my flight home from Daytona. Don't seem to understand that they cancelled our flight to even get down there 3 times!!
  9. EI2IC

    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    Well 3 cancelled flights later, my buddies and I will not be able to make it down for the 500. What a bummer. Glad the weatherman had everyone prepared for this storm. 1-3 inches of light snow and we got 6inches in 3 hours. Need to go to the podium to say what I really want to say....
  10. EI2IC

    Daytona Duels Race thread

    Biden doesn't deserve that kind of criticism. That's down right mean.
  11. EI2IC

    Daytona Duels Race thread

    And the funny part about that is that Denny would be considered the bigger women in the rivalry.
  12. EI2IC

    Daytona Duels Race thread

    Way to take responsibility Denny. Man that guy annoys the **** out of me.
  13. EI2IC

    Daytona Duels Race thread

    So is anyone expecting an exciting ending to the 500? Can't pass first.
  14. EI2IC

    Daytona Duels Race thread

    Only time he moved up was when he had 4 fresh tires. Jr's car on the other hand was awesome it appeared.
  15. EI2IC

    Daytona Duels Race thread

    Kes is a long way off from competing on Sunday
  16. EI2IC

    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    How did Kenny Wallace keep a job after SPEED was shut down. I cannot stand that man.
  17. EI2IC

    Brad Keselowski: 'I'm not buying into the villain thing'

    People complain about him, but his style has produced a championship and he had the most wins last year. Maybe Hamlin and Ky Busch should focus on their driving a bit besides always finding a mic so they can talk bad about Brad. You may hate what he says but Brad is good for the sport.
  18. EI2IC

    Racing Forums: The Game: Daytona 2015

    Kyle Busch Danica Patrick Matt Kenseth Carl Edwards Jamie McMurray Dale Jr. Brad Keselowski Jimmie Johnson Jeff Gordon Kevin Harvick Tony Stewart Kyle Larson Martin Truex Jr. Joey Logano
  19. EI2IC

    Daytona 500 Pole Day

    Based on the last 3 years, you are 100% correct sir.
  20. EI2IC

    Our race plans for the year?

    Those kids will be out of your hair one day!
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