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  1. Taco

    Garage/Pit Lane COVID Protocols

    A typical vaccine development timeline takes 5 to 10 years, and sometimes longer. Long term effects were tossed out the window.
  2. Taco

    Freedom 500 Cleetus mcfarland

    It was great and place was packed, it was a madhouse.
  3. Taco


    Clyde gets 13 wins.
  4. Taco


    Clyde gets 13 wins.
  5. Taco

    Chase Elliott

  6. Taco

    Hendrick signs Larson

    Larson will be fine at HMS, its the best family atmosphere and support group of the teams.
  7. Taco

    Misc. Sprint/Midget Racing

  8. Taco

    Misc. Sprint/Midget Racing

  9. Taco

    Misc. Sprint/Midget Racing

  10. Taco

    Misc. Sprint/Midget Racing

  11. Taco

    Snowball Derby

    6th at first controlled caution.
  12. Taco

    Snowball Derby

    I watched the race, a more talented driver would have pulled it off without wrecking Bubba. Anyone watch the SB last chance race, because Clyde pulled that pass off eleven times in twenty-six laps without wrecking anyone.
  13. Taco

    Who is Better?

    Just wondering about your thoughts now, since you had mentioned that Jones was the better driver compared to Elliott.
  14. Taco

    12 Hrs of Sebring 2020

    Chad K with the 31 team in the pits. I guess that confirms the rumors.
  15. Taco

    Cup Championship RACE thread --- Phoenix

    I remember the days when the kid from Dawsonville was called a flash in the pan.
  16. Taco

    What kind of car do you drive?

  17. Taco

    No NA18D at Darlington or Nashville

    Non alcohol 18 oz draft
  18. Taco

    Not a hate crime....

    Is it possible that some rouge Republican redneck tied a noose in a rope a year or more ago out of boredom or showing off or maybe even hoping a minority would see it? Yes. It is possible. Is it possible that it is just a knot? I would say that is also possible. The question is, which one...
  19. Taco

    Not a hate crime....

    Early on Bubba was all about being just another driver, and wanted no special treatment and I thought Petty was doing the right thing by presumably treating him like any other driver. Now Petty is either complicit with Bubba’s showboating or he’s stuck with with.
  20. Taco

    Not a hate crime....

    I hope for Bubba's sake he isn't being coached on what to say, because they're not helping him look honest.
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