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  1. jpell15

    Silly Season 2024

    The process failed.
  2. jpell15

    Joe Gibbs Racing News

    Are these the same guys that own the 76ers in the NBA? Because if so they suck.
  3. jpell15

    what track

    Is this Grandview speedway?
  4. jpell15

    The Announcers Thread

    “Huge playoff implications as the loser won’t advance to the next round”
  5. jpell15

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Talladega

    Never mind I figured out it’s Reddick
  6. jpell15

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Talladega

    Who is announcing with Adam and Joey?
  7. jpell15

    Car numbers on rear quarter panels

    Just saw a clip of video game racing on Facebook where the numbers are this way. It could make it hard not seeing the number where the same sponsor is used across several cars on a team. I don’t like it and I hope it doesn’t stick.
  8. jpell15

    Who Gets the 48?

    Maybe Matt D or Ross Chastain
  9. jpell15

    Homestead Question

    My flight was free from the cruise line, and that's the last flight up to Newark for the night.
  10. jpell15

    Homestead Question

    I saw tickets on stubhub and they're only 28 bucks, I would spend that doing something stupid anyway in Miami. I am considering maybe just staying for the first two stages and then heading for the airport.
  11. jpell15

    Homestead Question

    I am coming back from a cruise in Miami on November 17th and my flight back to Newark isn't until 8:15 at night. Am I crazy for contemplating renting a car and going to the race? I'm wondering if anybody who has been to Homestead could tell me how traffic and everything around the race track...
  12. jpell15

    DW to call it quits?

    I think Jamie Mac would be a good fit, but I also wouldn’t mind a crew chief in there.
  13. jpell15

    Rate The Cup Race: Sonoma

    That race was the worst of the year. I used to hate road racing, then it got exciting for a bit with Juan Pablo, Ambrose, Allmendinger, and some others who would mix it up with them. Today it was back to boring. Maybe the broadcast sucked but there wasn't much happening on TV. And I agree...
  14. jpell15

    Kasey Kahne

    I thought they used RCR engines and chassis, but got setups and engineering support from Hendrick? These alliance things are getting confusing with engines from one place, chassis from another, and engineering from who knows where.
  15. jpell15

    BK Racing uh oh

    Like I said, just trying to think of a positive outcome for this debacle. Obviously their current fleet of chassis from who knows where, combined with their engines (not sure if they are triad, or I remember reading they tried starting their own in house program a few years ago) aren't really...
  16. jpell15

    BK Racing uh oh

    Don't they get their xfinity stuff from RCR? Not sure about all the details but couldn't the just hang a Chevy body on the chassis, put in an ECR engine, and have a technical alliance with RCR? I'm thinking a bit outside the box here but trying to put a positive spin on this debacle.
  17. jpell15

    BK Racing uh oh

    Any rich xfinity owners who would like to come to cup? Maybe the guy who owns the 11 could move up, I think he owns that leafgutter company.
  18. jpell15

    2018 Bristol - Food City 500 - Pre-Race Thread

    Doesn't look like a good crowd on hand
  19. jpell15

    Bonehead of the week: Texas

    Surprised only 1 person said Alan about bringing Chase in early. I really don't understand what they were thinking or what they're strategy was, or if they just had a brain fart.
  20. jpell15

    Triad selling racing shop

    Just read on jayski triad is selling their engine shop....I wonder who will provide the small Toyota teams their engines now.
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