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  1. Chunky

    2023-24 Fall/Winter Weather Thread

    I'm pulling my 73 SL out of storage - no snow in the forcast and I love driving the older cars.
  2. Chunky

    F1 2023 News/Misc.

    Regarding moving near the McLaren factory: “It wouldn’t have done anything,” he says. “No, it wouldn’t have done one thing. People are clueless. I highly doubt any rookie driver has not moved within range of their team which means MA was probably the only driver to do so. To the team - that...
  3. Chunky

    "If it's brown - drink it down"

    As the great Homer Simpson once said. Any fans of Whiskey, Bourbon or Scotch here? Anyone playing the second market? What are you drinking - what's your go to and what are you getting yourself for Holidays?
  4. Chunky

    2023 IndyCar News / Misc.

    Thermal is an excellent concept for a few reasons - some already mentioned here. I really have no idea why so many fans - who likely rarely go to IC races are complaining. It's on TV. You have your own booze, kitchen and bathroom right there and can pause the action anytime you need a break.
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