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  1. wolfcub

    Silly Season 2023

    Because Austin has been such an asset lol. and before I get the "he has a win" comment. Even a blind squirrel can fond a nut once in awhile :D
  2. wolfcub

    78 FRR is done

    Exactly my thought followed by sure glad NASCAR keeps denying there is ANY sponsorship issues. SMH
  3. wolfcub

    Nascar Penalties 2018

    I just want to know how you "cucumber" a race win :rolleyes:
  4. wolfcub


    Glad you cleared that up because the headline was not clear "NASCAR show car gets hit on Charlotte street" :D:D:D
  5. wolfcub


    Couldn’t see which car but it was a Toyota so maybe it was Kyle Busch!!! Sorry, couldn't resist
  6. wolfcub

    Jeff Gordon confronts no neck

    Actually, the stats showed he was already below the cut line and was out of it anyway so he did not "need" the position because it still did him no good.
  7. wolfcub

    GEICO, Ty Dillon and Germain Racing ink multi-year contract extensions Interesting, Richard Childress said awhile ago he WILL have a third car next season (#27 Menard leaving) so I was thinking that it would be Ty Dillion but this says different. Could be good news for one of the drivers out of a car this...
  8. wolfcub

    So who gets the 77 ride?

    Whoever brings sponsor $$ with them. I believe they already mentioned previously that without sponsorship they will not run.
  9. wolfcub

    Harry Scott R.I.P.

    My apologiers, I looked but did nto see it. Sorry about the duplicate.
  10. wolfcub

    Harry Scott R.I.P.

    Surprised no one posted this yet. Seems odd the family response " “We are shocked and saddened to confirm that Harry Scott, Jr., age 51, passed away yesterday, August 2, 2017"
  11. wolfcub

    Ugliest cars

    Butt Paste Car!!!!
  12. wolfcub

    What Crew Chief has the toughest job?

    I would agree with this one. All teh field filler CC have got to be bummed knowing they will never get their car to victory lane and that each week is just like the last.
  13. wolfcub

    TY dillon to drive no13 full time in 2017

    Mears may have originally gotten a ride with the name but he lost that ride and has been with 33 making it on his own IMO. He took that car to places it never had been, like to the front. I do not see Dillon doing anything much. Again, JMO.
  14. wolfcub

    TY dillon to drive no13 full time in 2017

    This is a true representation of a family name gets you a ride. Casey has done an amazing job for this under-funded team and Geico and he had just signed extensions and now this. Not a fan of of the Dillons, JMO
  15. wolfcub

    If you could have any company sponsor any driver.....?

    Ricky Stenhouse - Uh oh, better get Macco
  16. wolfcub

    Bonehead of the week: Talladega

    Michael "I should not be Driving" Waltrip for trying to blend into traffic doing 150+ MPH when he is doing about 50MPH!!
  17. wolfcub

    NASCAR Levies Penalties

    And here you go:, a pointless set of penalties, drop in the bucket for Mr. Hendrick.
  18. wolfcub

    Tony Stewart running over someone?

    My bad, did not see it and also just saw it was a hoax myself
  19. wolfcub

    Tony Stewart running over someone?

    Has anyone seen this: I really hope this magazine is a tabloid and not actual. That will be a tremendous loss for racing if true.
  20. wolfcub

    Drivers who you think deserve better rides?

    Not sure I agree. I mean look at what he did in the 47...ran back of pack and never impressed but now AJ is in there and he is running much better. The car may not be top tier but a drivers skills can get it up front and keep it there. Bobby's skills are lacking IMO.
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