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    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

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    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    The 16 in 16th. Ty Dillon is doing good today.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    I would assume its pit strategy.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    Damn, I hate that for Bubba and Briscoe
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    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    You talked about Larso....Didnt you!!! :mad: /joke
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    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    Please talk about the 11.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    Three of the most beautiful words in the English language. Start Your Engines!
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Texas

    I was on tv? I missed that!
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    Stewart-Haas Racing

    Clickbait....Its called clickbait. One of the lowest forms of "journalism" there is.
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    Silly Season 2024

    Tony sells to Dale Jr. and Jr. Haas goes back to Chevy and a complete overhaul at Jr. Haas has Kelly running things.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Martinsville

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    Cup RACE thread --- Richmond

    That was a beautiful anthem.
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    Richmond Pre-Race Thread

    Those new Lame Horse Mustangs dont look so good.
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    Cup RACE thread --- COTA

    Many years ago I had to back a 48 foot Trailor into a dock off of a New Jersey alley with no power steering. I know how McDowell feels.
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    Cup RACE thread --- COTA

    From watching these commercials I have concluded that the cure might be worse than the disease.
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    Cup RACE thread --- COTA

    I guess we can call it the Lame Horse Mustang.
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    Cup RACE thread --- COTA

    Not enough commercial breaks.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Bristol

    Except for Larson Chevy is out to lunch.
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    Throwback Thursday

    This hangs in my Buddys shop. His wife got it in 77 or 78. This same weekend she ran her brother-in-laws underwear up Michigan's flagpole. She said they didnt stay up long but they were there!
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    Cup RACE thread --- Phoenix

    Logano: Oh thank God. Can I go home now?
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