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  1. Kiante

    WEC 2024

    Gounon and Lello graduating to Hypercars is a slight to behold.
  2. Kiante

    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    Racing accident on the last lap. That's all I see, nothing egregious to be seen here.
  3. Kiante

    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    Timing and scoring was all over the place this weekend. They have Bubba finishing P7 now.
  4. Kiante

    Truck RACE thread --- Texas

    Something had to be wrong with that 46 truck.
  5. Kiante

    Silly Season 2024

    I still say JR is in a great position with Xfinity. When the opportunity arises with the money there, they will take the leap into Cup. Jr and Kelley want those sponsors set before anything else.
  6. Kiante

    Cup RACE thread --- Martinsville

    Spire has no excuse to be called junk anymore, tbh. Growing pains with the team expanding to three cars, but junk? Nah.
  7. Kiante

    2024 Japanese Grand Prix

    Kimi needs about a good two years in F2, tbh. He's not ready for F1.
  8. Kiante

    2024 Japanese Grand Prix

    Sargeant's seat is scorching. Ngl, Williams should look at a safer hand behind the wheel next year if they a struggling like this financially. Maybe someone like Magnussen or a Zhou Guanyu. Bring in some additional sponsorship dollars on top of being fairly safe, but quick hands.
  9. Kiante

    Denny Hamlin Appreciation Thread

  10. Kiante

    2024 IndyCar News/Misc.

    Seeing how well Bourdais performed for Dragon Racing will never cease to amaze me that year. That combo had potential had potential, for sure. Plug got pulled far too soon.
  11. Kiante

    2024 IndyCar News/Misc.

    No mechachrome engines? Lol. In all seriousness, I wonder if the likes of a Gibson, Mechachrome, or another specialist would gain anything for building engines (Illmor) for another OEM? Or now in days, is it worth to invest into an IndyCar engine program?
  12. Kiante

    2024 IndyCar News/Misc.

  13. Kiante

    IMSA 2024

    AWA had a whole meltdown today:
  14. Kiante

    Xfinity RACE thread --- COTA

    He thought it was Cam or Brodie for a second.😂
  15. Kiante

    Xfinity RACE thread --- COTA

    Stadium section. Ouch.
  16. Kiante

    Xfinity RACE thread --- COTA

    This is a form of social media. Great finish, not thrilled about Larson getting it. Team nailed the strategy at the end and it paid off. Still, never disappointed by Xfinity here.
  17. Kiante

    Circuit of the America Pre-Race Thread

    Group A: Reddick Gibbs Wallace Hamlin Lajoie Kinda wild top 5 from the first group.
  18. Kiante

    Nascar Craftsman Truck Series 2024

    Zilisch with another impressive performance.
  19. Kiante

    Truck RACE thread --- Bristol

    So, Stewart tried to clear himself and then got mad at Nick for clearing him for a bad move... Interesting.
  20. Kiante

    72nd Annual 12 Hours of Sebring

    Connor Zilisch a Rolex and Sebring winner. Unreal at the age of 17.
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