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  1. acmerocket

    Texas results

    well that got bad,the worst then worster
  2. acmerocket

    Kyle Larson Appreciation Thread

    i guess i missed the end ,just saw he was 2nd,wow
  3. acmerocket

    Stewart-Haas Racing

    iam sorry i watch to much of this stuff, it was about a month ago, but i just dont remember where.i just looked at google there some infor there
  4. acmerocket

    Stewart-Haas Racing

    so, nacar said they have 4? charters set aside for a new brand,so if shr sold there charters and go with honda. i wonder how much honda or shr would have to buy for them???
  5. acmerocket

    Hendrick Motorsport News

    i did miss one of my best friends wedding to go racing.
  6. acmerocket

    Kyle Larson Appreciation Thread

    iam kind of worried about him in those dam things, he was around 14 fast to today.
  7. acmerocket

    Hendrick Motorsport News

    well, 3
  8. acmerocket

    Deegan update

    she and the team did a good job.
  9. acmerocket

    Martinsville results

    bells pit crew is killing me, how do they still have a job.
  10. acmerocket

    Silly Season 2024

    well theres allot of great teams and drivers that dont have 40 million,that more likely would qualify for every race, also just how long would a team that runs 15 to 25 take to get 40 million back? and if you run part time missing a race is not that big of a deal. remember its 40 MILLION DOLLARS
  11. acmerocket

    Silly Season 2024

    i just dont see why a well funded team.with good sponsors,like jrs team would be, cant make it work, with out a charter or starting 40 million in the hole.even part time to get started.
  12. acmerocket


    i just wonder where barcia was going and he rides like a ass most of the time.hope Jett is ok.
  13. acmerocket

    Richmond results

    2 44s without the winner ,good job
  14. acmerocket

    COTA results

    check, not a bad week, but?
  15. acmerocket

    2024 Xfinity Series News

    this should be a great race.
  16. acmerocket

    Cup RACE thread --- Bristol

    i like how people that dont like Larson only hear what they want.he said it was different and fun, but would not like to do it again.
  17. acmerocket

    Bristol results

    check,i didnt think byron only get 2 points,sad
  18. acmerocket

    Cup RACE thread --- Bristol

    not a fan of dennis, but he did a great job
  19. acmerocket

    Cup RACE thread --- Bristol

    fun seeing a different kind of race.
  20. acmerocket

    all things Shane Van Gisbergen

    does anyone know what his truck series races are? i saw he added daytona in aug to the cup car. thanks
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