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  1. Tony_K

    Johali's Rate the Xfinity race --- Texas

    9. Was pretty good and I wanted either of the 2 to win.
  2. Tony_K

    NHL 2023-24

    That poor team. I hope this works out for awhile or longer.
  3. Tony_K

    2024 IndyCar News/Misc.

    Always liked Katherine Legge. She's good in every type of car and I've never heard her complain about anything. She just gets on with the racing. Met her once at some invite thingy outside the race venue and she was the nicest person.
  4. Tony_K

    Bubba Wallace Appreciation Thread

    He did good and I liked his interview after the race.
  5. Tony_K

    Johali's Rate the Xfinity race --- Martinsville

    8 Wanted Sam Mayer to win but Almirola deserved it.
  6. Tony_K

    2024 IndyCar News/Misc.

    I hope it stays with NBC. Been happy with it and especially like the Peacock coverage as an option.
  7. Tony_K

    2024 IndyCar News/Misc.

    Ahhh Thanks for the info. I get emails from Indycar all the time and saw the ad for the show and to watch it on Paramount + so I just jumped to that conclusion. Good. I'll look forward to another season of it as I thought it was done well.
  8. Tony_K

    2024 IndyCar News/Misc.

    I see they switched "100 Days to Indy" to Paramount + this year. Really enjoyed it last year but not gonna buy another channel just to watch it. Too bad.
  9. Tony_K

    IndyCar $500k Challenge @ The Thermal Club

    Works for me.
  10. Tony_K

    First lady of drag racing

    Really different to have a documentary presented by the person it's about. Don't think I have ever seen it done this way and it was great.
  11. Tony_K

    First lady of drag racing

    I look forward to watching this (recorded it) and happy to read that it was well done. Always liked her and glad she's still around.
  12. Tony_K

    F1: 2024 Australian GP

    Soooo Williams can't bring or afford an extra car? The fans are left with one less car in the race. But let's not let the Andretti team in F1.
  13. Tony_K

    Newest member of the family

    Dogs are great!
  14. Tony_K

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Bristol

    9. I was very impressed with the drivers not spinning when they had to deal with shredding tires. All the green flag pitstops near the end was exciting.
  15. Tony_K

    2024 Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

    Hard to explain but I'll give it a shot. A "hall pass" would be when a husband or wife says it's ok for one of you to have "relations" with someone. Usually a big celebrity. Let's say my wife is ok with me and Jennifer Aniston to go at it so that's my "hall pass". You'd hope it's all in fun...
  16. Tony_K

    2024 Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

    Yes, both the wife and I heard what Diffey said but weren't sure we heard it right. I guess we did. They mentioned something about a record crowd before the race started. I usually don't pay attention to these things as they're always saying that or using the term "ever" for various subjects...
  17. Tony_K

    2024 Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

    Not the most exciting race but I still enjoyed it. The nice looking circuit, the cars, and the talented drivers keep my interest.
  18. Tony_K

    The Announcers Thread

    I really enjoyed Lost Speedways. The show had an educational and historic value and was entertaining too. A rare thing these days.
  19. Tony_K

    See any good movies lately?

    Watched two complete different movies this weekend. Barbie and Oppenheimer. My wife saw Barbie in the theatre and loved it and wanted to watch it again with me. It's entertaining in a fun, colorful way and I'm not going to pass up seeing Margot Robbie. Obviously not for everyone but I was okay...
  20. Tony_K

    F1 2024 News/Misc.

    Odd that he has such a negative attitude toward the team that his son is enjoying a great career with. I could see it if Max and the team were struggling but that certainly is not the case.
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