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  1. CaptainHiTop

    Kyle Busch to RCR

    $60 on sizes up to XXL
  2. CaptainHiTop

    Kyle Busch to RCR

    How much are they, I'll take two!
  3. CaptainHiTop

    Kyle Busch to RCR

    "The Narrative" Semantic Satiation
  4. CaptainHiTop

    Kyle Busch to RCR

    Exactly! I'm sure the Bronco's used to hate Russell Wilson and now.......NVM :p
  5. CaptainHiTop

    Kyle Busch to RCR

    I'm still here. Still a fan of Kyle. I don't talk about it much, I'm not much of an argument winner and in my experience anything positive said about Kyle will be met with a barrage of negative. Hornaday ain't the only one that can't let things go I guess. I too have my 8 shirt already. It's a...
  6. CaptainHiTop

    Is Ty Gibbs the most disliked champion?

    Like drinking water, only faster.
  7. CaptainHiTop

    Christopher Bell Appreciation Thread

    This is how you throw shade. Textbook example.
  8. CaptainHiTop

    This week on Door Bumper Clear

    You're fun at a party ain't ya' :p
  9. CaptainHiTop

    Bonehead of the week: Darlington

    You put way more thought into this than Kyle did.
  10. CaptainHiTop

    Cup RACE thread --- COTA

    I saw some in-car posted on twitter, looks like he spun by himself and then recovered quickly but got tapped by the 21 and spun again as he was getting back up to speed.
  11. CaptainHiTop

    Hate to say I told you so.........

    I have a question about the 7 car lost wheel, I missed it live but in the replays it looks like perhaps he hit the wall and broke the rim, is that what happened? The tire that I saw rolling looked like just the tire, no rim.
  12. CaptainHiTop

    Which NASCAR driver are you thankful for?

    Kyle Busch. I've heard he's an ass, but I love him anyway!
  13. CaptainHiTop

    Cup RACE thread --- Texas

    Don't block. I would've been disappointed if my driver didn't try to move the 17 and try to advance his position in that circumstance.
  14. CaptainHiTop

    Has Kevin Harvick (at age 43) Lost A Step?

    50% of the posts you read anywhere are below average. This is one of them. Or is this satire? I can never tell......
  15. CaptainHiTop

    Cup RACE thread --- Bristol

    Is it wrong that I'm dying to to see the footage from that dork's phone?
  16. CaptainHiTop

    Bonehead of the Week: New Hampshire

    And Bubba and logano's spotters. But what the heck could they possibly know........
  17. CaptainHiTop

    Talking Heads and Announcers

    I've watched the last few outside at a brewery with music cranked. I can call the race for myself. I do miss the little bits of in car radio stuff. What I miss I pick up on DBC.
  18. CaptainHiTop

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- COTA

    8. Would have been a 10 but I deducted 2 points for the spastic wipers on some of the cars.
  19. CaptainHiTop

    Cup RACE thread --- Kansas

    This is some bull. Last time there was a tire in the grass they threw the yellow immediately. Why penalize the team, and not throw the yellow? Bull pucky
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