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  1. Hikaru Kitsune

    2024 IndyCar News/Misc.

    I admire their dedication to the whole "Multiples of 15" bit, even though Meyer Shank holds the rights to "60" currently.
  2. Hikaru Kitsune

    Deegan update

    Checo replacement, incoming.
  3. Hikaru Kitsune

    F1: 2024 Australian GP

    That can't ever happen. He might want to hire an American driver. Logan Sargeant exists just to say "See, this is why we should never allow another American driver in ever again!"
  4. Hikaru Kitsune

    NASCAR: Full Speed

    For me, it was getting away from Preacher Joe.
  5. Hikaru Kitsune

    Silly Season 2024

    Unlike Matt, they know how to keep their mouths shut and not repel sponsors.
  6. Hikaru Kitsune

    NASCAR Sponsorship News Thread

  7. Hikaru Kitsune

    Silly Season 2024

    If you want to keep your charter, putting Cody Ware in your car seems anti-productive, Nepo Baby or not.
  8. Hikaru Kitsune

    Silly Season 2024

    Maybe Bubba needs to stick his right foot up Chuddy D's rear end.
  9. Hikaru Kitsune

    Silly Season 2024

    It's not about what Joe Chud who just wasted a magazine firing it into a case of Bud Light wants. It's about what sponsors want.
  10. Hikaru Kitsune

    2024 IndyCar News/Misc.

    But exactly who FP1Will needed to return to keep doing the creepy Red Flag Meme during his Indy Reviews.
  11. Hikaru Kitsune

    High Limit 2024

    Well, sure, but I would have loved to try when I was younger.
  12. Hikaru Kitsune

    NASCAR’s personality problem

    F1 has the advantage of being "Cosmopolitan" and "Not American". It's seen as being higher class, enlightened, and progressive. You have to remember how much young people hate anything "American" because they associate "America" with Rednecks, Chuds, and Racists. COTA, and all the (former) F1...
  13. Hikaru Kitsune

    2024 IndyCar News/Misc.

    It's so weird to see 1992 and 1993 Paul Tracy, then the nasty bastard he evolved into in present day SRX. Every now and then I like to go back and watch the 1992 season. Not sure why I have such a big attachment to it.
  14. Hikaru Kitsune

    2023 Bonehead of the Year: The Vote

    It's Your Year, (James) Dennis.
  15. Hikaru Kitsune

    2023 Bonehead of the Year: The Nominations

    "This is My Year" To win Bonehad of the year, Denny.
  16. Hikaru Kitsune

    F1 2023 News/Misc.

    So, I hate to ask, but I have to ask. Everyone here spells it "Bevis" instead of "Beavis". Am I missing out on an in-joke?
  17. Hikaru Kitsune

    Cup RACE thread --- Martinsville

    Buh-bye, Denald.
  18. Hikaru Kitsune

    Ross Chastain needs to start wrecking people again

    Even if he was, Justin could just send Pitbull over to annoy the **** out of Childress and Hendrick until they gave in.
  19. Hikaru Kitsune

    Silly Season 2024

    And they belong to him and him alone. Don't you DARE root for HIS 'yota drivers.
  20. Hikaru Kitsune

    Silly Season 2024

    I'm biracial (I guess technically tri- or more, but some of those are in such small amounts that it'd be nitpicking to count them), and there's no way my dark ass could pull off goth. (Of course, I also wouldn't touch porn with a 10 foot pole, so...)
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