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  1. DC76

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Darlington

  2. DC76

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2024 - Darlington

    Congratulations pjmolo for regaining the lead and for everyone else that picked Keselowski The last two weeks were rough for me so I’m happy to have next weekend off so I can hopefully get back on track
  3. DC76

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2024 - Dover

    I can’t believe I’m in the lead. When I checked in on the picks I didn’t think any of us had a chance to cut into pjmolo lead. It’s a long season and I know my hot streak won’t last forever so I’m just gonna enjoy it while I got it
  4. DC76

    Cup RACE thread --- Richmond

    I enjoyed the race. would liked to have seen where the 5 and 19 would have finished in stage 2 without the yellow. Looked like the 5 was going away in stage 3 so truex probably had the best car at the end. Just from watching the replay it sure looked like Hamlin jumped the restart.
  5. DC76

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2024 - Richmond

    This one hurts. Was hoping for a 10-15th finish from Preece
  6. DC76

    COTA results

    I haven’t been following my results that closely but I believe I was accidentally given a extra 10 points For Byron’s win. I don’t have Byron on my team.
  7. DC76

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- COTA

    7 Probably a better race if you were there, but watching on tv it just didn’t do it for me The best car won and the top 5 all deserved a top 5 finish so I liked that
  8. DC76

    Big Gators -- 2024 -- a little different

    Larson Bell Buescher Truex Logano
  9. DC76

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2023 - Phoenix

    Congratulations Head423 thanks again pjmolo
  10. DC76

    Dover Bonehead

    Tough call between the 8 and 1, but I’ll go with Kyle. Ross didn’t take himself out of the race
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