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  1. wilson89

    What's your unpopular NASCAR opinion?

    No track should have more than one cup race a year.
  2. wilson89

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    Baseball was more fun during the steroid era.
  3. wilson89

    Should Kyle Larson be given a 2nd chance?

    I think after a bit of time yes.
  4. wilson89

    Old races to rewatch while we're postponed

    2001 EA Sports 500. I remember watching it when I was young and being like "What the hell did I Just see". Those closing laps even watching them now are nail biting.
  5. wilson89

    How many days until the 2020 Daytona 500?

    With #20 coming tomorrow does anyone know what exact race the Polar Bear Home Depot car Tony Stewart drove was from? That and the Bobby Labonte one were two of my faviorite paint schemes when I was a kid.
  6. wilson89

    Silly Season 2020

    I keep seeing reports saying they will make a formal announcement in a day or two but it's going on 2-3 weeks now. Not sure what the hang up is but the seasons getting closer.
  7. wilson89

    TV Shows

    I thought CW did really well with the story, but it pointed out why being on Network Tv is very limiting.
  8. wilson89

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    Unbelievable I remember back in high school how many Kobe fans there were in Northern California. Never was much of a Laker fan but Kobe was a hella of a player and it's a horrible loss to his family who is going through a lot missing a husband/father and a daughter/sister. Also a loss to the...
  9. wilson89

    NFL 2019-2020

    As a fan I have to say I wasn't surprised it sums up there season. Sad seeing the amount of money Gruden got, when Jack Del Rio was fired for doing far more than this.
  10. wilson89

    2020 IndyCar Miscellaneous

    IndyCar cant afford to loses Hinchcliffe. Someone hopefully will step up and get him a ride.
  11. wilson89

    College Football 2019

    I like Oregon a lot but there also going to need help. Notre Dame losing to Michigan this weekend could help a number of teams still in contention.
  12. wilson89

    Johali has passed

    That is horrible news. I don't log on often but I always enjoyed his input on both Nascar and IndyCar. I wish his family the best in these tough times.
  13. wilson89

    Silly Season 2020

    I kind of wrote him off because it was hard to tell how good he was in sub par equipment. This season since around Bristol early in the season I have noticed he runs consistently around 12th to 18th consistently even scoring occasional top 10's and stage points. His teammate is a rookie so no...
  14. wilson89

    2019 IndyCar Miscellaneous

    Perhaps they should ask for me reasonable pricing. I live nearby and looked into making a weekend going to Monterey but I noticed the cheapest ticket was $100 for seats that even stated they had limited viewing. I know that people are rich that live in Monterey but no reason to charge an arm and...
  15. wilson89


    I always felt like he was on a great track at Roush and would likely replace Biffle but the team took a hit with sponsorship and money and both he and the #16 cup car vanished. There was no where for him to go so he took what he could. I think after running in sub par equipment for so long now...
  16. wilson89


    I remember when I was a teenager and got my first computer. Jayski was one of the sites I would visit everyday. After a while with Twitter and other websites I ended up going on there more in the off season just for the driver/team chart, to keep track of where everyone was going to be when the...
  17. wilson89

    Xfinity Series Thread 2018

    She was not that bad in Indycar she was stuck with an underpowered Lotus. We seen Tagliani almost win a race in Xfinity Series, so a top 10 isn't being unreasonable.
  18. wilson89

    Happy Birthday and RIP.....

    Still use him as my profile pic on here for a reason. He was my favorite IndyCar driver and for a younger racing fan who watched Dale Earnhardt Sr. die when I was about 12, the Dan Wheldon crash felt a bit more tragic, to me that is based mostly on the fact that I personally got to see his...
  19. wilson89

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2018

    I would definitely like to return
  20. wilson89

    Yahoo has discontinued fantasy racing

    I feel like Yahoo is moving away from Fantasy sports. I used to do the College Football Bowl Pick'Em and I noticed it's gone this year. I think there just trimming there sports down to a select few that make them money.
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