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  1. VaDirt

    Chilli Bowl 2020

    This was a different group. They were bringing in dirt for a motocross.
  2. VaDirt

    Tyler Dippel Suspended from NASCAR

    Reason I've seen was drug related. Something about drugs found in his car or something, Nothing confirmed though. I mean could this story be any more vague?
  3. VaDirt

    Fear the Walking Dead

    Haven't posted on here in a while. Used to at my desk at lunch, but something changed to where I can't get this page anymore at work, so... Anyway, seems to me that every episide this season has just been full of nothing but "just in the nick of time" moments. Constantly anymore it seems. I...
  4. VaDirt

    Fear the Walking Dead

    I'm suspending reality as it is, but the San Antonio Split?
  5. VaDirt

    Fear the Walking Dead

    I spent all of Saturday and a bit of Sunday binge watching season 4. Finally caught up. The first half of season 4 with the whole timeline thing was hurting my head. But hey, now I'm 100% up to date.
  6. VaDirt

    Cup RACE thread --- Dover

    And even worse urg, raining again.
  7. VaDirt

    Cup RACE thread --- Dover

    Urg. Cars are now on the grid and starting engines, and MRN is still under delay.
  8. VaDirt

    Bonehead of the Race - Bristol I

    Penske, hands down.
  9. VaDirt

    Rate The Cup Race: Bristol I

    9+. Great race, three way battles for the lead, and everyone was using the whole track (especially as the worked lapped traffic.) For the person that rated it 2, what the hell race were you watching?
  10. VaDirt

    The Walking Dead Season 9

    Can't believe who all's head were on those polls. Dayum! The Whisperers make Negan look like an amateur.
  11. VaDirt

    Rate The Cup Race: Auto Club Speedway

    Best post of the thread, right here.
  12. VaDirt

    2019 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour

    Bell & Bell modifieds is a vintage modified series.
  13. VaDirt

    The Walking Dead Season 9

    My wife was about refusing to suspend reality on that, but I did see that coming too. However, it left me wondering a little. Is he still him, or is he so badass that he is now some sort of super-walker that he's more functional and badass thant a regular walker?
  14. VaDirt

    Cup RACE thread --- Phoenix

    Could DW's lips be more firmly planted on Busch's ass?
  15. VaDirt

    Ouch, ouch, ouch

  16. VaDirt

    The Walking Dead Season 9

    Or be-headed. :p:D
  17. VaDirt

    See any good movies lately?

    Watching "The Cured" right now. Pretty good. Seems like it should be (but it's now) a sequel or companion film the 20 Days/Weeks Later. "A disease that turns people into zombies has been cured. The once-infected zombies are discriminated against by society and their own families, which causes...
  18. VaDirt

    Kyle larson is robby gordon 2.0

  19. VaDirt

    Kyle larson is robby gordon 2.0

    Thinkg about it watching the video you can tell he said it jokingly about Hendrick.
  20. VaDirt

    The Blacklist

    No, not betrayed really. Just a little white lie to protect both.
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