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  1. Candace66

    Silly Season 2025

    The rumors about SHR are interesting. Because I often wonder what is going on with Haas and Haas Automation. 🤔 Work on the proposed new factory in Henderson, NV began in November 2020. Workers cleared and leveled the 200+ acre main site, installed underground utilities and did some other work...
  2. Candace66

    2025 NASCAR TV contract

    The deal signed in 2013 worked out to $820 million/year. This deal works out to $1.1 billion/year. By my math, that's a 34% increase. More important, adjusted for inflation, $820 million in August 2013 equates to $1.075+ billion today. So in reality, about 2.3% increase. BTW, the increase...
  3. Candace66

    SiriusXM's NASCAR Radio - Today's, not so hidden, agenda.....

    What the heck?! Earlier this year, I knocked my subscription down to music only so I haven't been listening. Can't believe they just booted Claire like that. It looks like "Tradin' Paint" is back on the schedule, is it actually on the air again? Has anyone said anything on-air to explain all...
  4. Candace66

    SiriusXM's NASCAR Radio - Today's, not so hidden, agenda.....

    Does anyone know what Pete's big announcement was? I tried googling, no luck. Then I tried scrolling back through his Twitter but gave up before I found anything.
  5. Candace66

    NASCAR Sponsorship News Thread

    True confession: I still buy and enjoy NB fig bars, which I'd never heard of before the ill-fated Danica sponsorship. ☺️
  6. Candace66

    SIAP Kyle Busch arrest

    Yeah, cuz a .380 with six rounds in it is all you need to take on heavily-armed terrorists trying to kidnap you or your family. /sarc Nice to know a guy with two young children has a forgotten gun tucked away in luggage that presumably regularly travels with him. /more sarc BTW, NC concealed...
  7. Candace66

    SiriusXM's NASCAR Radio - Today's, not so hidden, agenda.....

    I still don't like the playoff format. Even if Pete says I'm supposed to! :p
  8. Candace66

    SiriusXM's NASCAR Radio - Today's, not so hidden, agenda.....

    I loved last season and the fact that, with a more level playing field, some drivers I'd hardly paid attention to before were suddenly running up front and winning races. But that sure seemed to upset some drivers and fans (such as that woman who called in). Like others here, I LOVED the...
  9. Candace66

    NASCAR Sponsorship News Thread

    Interesting, you think (or know?) that Coach was/is paying Denny that much more?
  10. Candace66

    NASCAR Sponsorship News Thread

    Today's Carvana news... I wonder what Carvana's creditors think about them sponsoring a race car, even if it's only for one race... 🤔 Article link
  11. Candace66

    NASCAR Sponsorship News Thread

    So, Coach couldn't cobble together several different companies and cover all the races? It always seemed like JGR was trying to find one sponsor to be primary for all or most of the races, as Mars/M&M's was. Perhaps I misunderstood what was going on during the Great Sponsor Search this year...
  12. Candace66

    Cup RACE thread --- Talladega

    Wow, you have a crystal ball, so you already know Bubba will never win another Cup race? Amazing! /sarc P.S. Brad's first Cup win was at 'Dega (April 26, 2009).
  13. Candace66

    Kyle Busch after Texas

    Yet you're still watching?!
  14. Candace66

    Chevy and NASCAR - Day’s numbered?

    Americans who work for Honda would seem to profit from them. As do Americans who own Honda Motor Company shares traded on the NY Stock Exchange. They may own these shares either directly or via an investment fund they're involved in. Fun fact: Japan is the largest foreign owner of US national...
  15. Candace66

    Chase Elliott

    I'm curious, where was it reported that his pregnant wife was the target? Anonymous keyboard warriors on reddit or other social media? As we now know, the circumstances around the incident are quite a bit different than that.
  16. Candace66

    2022 Silly Season

    The name Elon Musk popped into my mind. He's a big name in business. And into cars. And has a bunch of money.
  17. Candace66

    NBCSN going away?

    A refresher on the Fox/NBC TV deal announced in 2013... Bleacher Report analysis Regarding streaming rights... "Perhaps the best hidden news in all of the FOX and NBC hoopla is that both networks have obtained "TV Everywhere" rights to NASCAR races."
  18. Candace66 Deathbed - Nascar section

    But once you've got two or three prolific posters on your ignore list, it becomes difficult to read the threads. Because the posts you DO see are replies to posts you can't see.
  19. Candace66

    SiriusXM's NASCAR Radio - Today's, not so hidden, agenda.....

    Hopefully I can do as well as you did! :) I'd pay $125.
  20. Candace66

    SiriusXM's NASCAR Radio - Today's, not so hidden, agenda.....

    :eek: LOL... I'll be calling them this week, they better come up with a meaningful discount cuz I ain't paying $300 for a year of Sirius-XM. And I do listen to more than the NASCAR channel. In fact I've found I don't listen to the NASCAR channel much anymore. :oops:
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